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Help and information

Access to the reduced resolution satellite images received here in Dundee is free but you need to register to get access. Use the form above to create your account and you will be registered instantly.

Please report any problems using our comment form.

Why do I need to register?

As a publicly funded facility we need to keep track of who is using our images and for what purposes. Whether you use the images for a research project or simply for personal interest, we would like to know! We've tried to make registration as quick and easy as possible. This provides us with the information we need to present to our funding body, NERC, and helps us to ensure that the service remains free to you. Being registered with your own user account also means that you can configure and save your own preferences, such as a preferred quicklook size, should you wish.

What should by username be?

You can choose any reasonable username, providing the name chosen has not already been registered to someone else. It needs to be to be from 3 to 8 characters long, and can be made up of lower- and upper-case letters, digits and some punctuation characters (but spaces are not allowed).

What will my details be used for?

Your privacy is important to us. Personal information is not disclosed to any third parties, only to our funding body NERC for reporting purposes. E-mail addresses are kept private and are not added to any mailing lists so you do not need to worry about receiving unwanted e-mails or spam as a result of entering your e-mail address into our registration form. For further details read our privacy statement.

Can I choose my own password?

Yes. A password will be created for you and sent to your email address, but you can change it later if you wish.

Will I be able to access high resolution data or images?

Once you have registered using the above form you will be able to access all the images in our image gallery, our geostationary "quicklook" images and our polar "quicklook" images. If you wish to access high resolution data or images then please read the high resolution service guidelines.