Home page of Dr. Paul S. Crawford

Currently this home page is just for posting a couple of useful documents:

(1) On time keeping under dosemu, the virtual DOS PC for LINUX:

Simple Time Keeping Guide
Advanced Time Keeping Guide

(2) There are pages on the Dundee version of the SGP4/SDP4 orbital model and the SPOT orbital model

(3) There is a useful chart of Spanner Sizes both for metric (mm) and imperial (AF/Whit/BA).

(4) There is some stuff that may be of use to Ubuntu users (or similar systems) and another brief page on recovering a sick computer.

(5) There is some code to recover data from the Sharp PA-W1400 word processor. Hopefully useful if you have floppy disks from the PA-W1400 or PA-W1410.

(6) A page for the Dundee experimental version of the Linux watchdog.


Any comments or feedback please make to psc_AT_sat_DOT_dundee_DOT_ac_DOT_uk which I trust you can work out, otherwise I'm afraid to have tell you that your grades are insufficient to pass the Turing Test...

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