arb's RISC OS software


MoveWindow Allows you to move windows without using the titlebar! Simply hold down a key combination and drag the window using the mouse.

Download movewindow.arc

New! 32-bit port by David J. Ruck.

Alternative Pinboard

A window iconiser that takes over from Pinboard, !Larger etc. (although they will continue to work as backdrops). Icons for iconised windows all go into a single window rather than ending up stuck to the backdrop so they are easier to access.

Download judith.arc

Psion series 3 file conversion

See arb's Psion page for RISC OS programs to convert Psion series 3 files.

Archive unpacker

The above archives are in Archimedes Arc format, which is very similar to the original arc format. To unpack them you will need !Spark (or similar) on RISC OS, or nspark on UNIX/DOS.

See the nspark page on Freshmeat.


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