QCT QuickChart Memory-Map Decoder


QCT (QuickChart) is the file format used by Memory-Map software to store digital maps and charts.

The following software has been developed using a document by Craig Shelley which describes the file format and which was produced without decompiling the Memory-Map software itself.

The software simply provides the ability to read a file format. However like all tools it must be used responsibly; in particular it must not be used for circumventing copyright.


This program converts a QCT file into a PNG image.

usage: qct2png [-d] [-v] [-q] -i map.qct [-o map.ppm]
-d      debug
-v      verbose
-q      query metadata only, no image extracted
-i      input filename (qct format)
-o      output filename (png format)

qct2png-linux.zip (ZIP file containing a linux program)

qct2png.cpp (C++ source code)

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