PsionIO programs for the Apple Macintosh

The following archives may be downloaded:

Filename Contents
Psion_MacOSX_Software_v1.2.dmg Mac OS executable (for both PPC and Intel Macs) Updated: 2011-12-21
The programs below are older: Mac OS X executables zip file (v3.93)
dbf2tsv-_-tsv2dbf-binaries.sea dbf2tsv and tsv2dbf binaries
dbf2tsv_tsv2dbf-srce-bina.sea dbf2tsv and tsv2dbf source
psionWRD2text-bin.sea psionWRD2text binary
psionWRD2text-srce-bina.sea psionWRD2text source
text2PsionWRD-bin.sea text2PsionWRD binary
text2PsionWRD-srce-bin.sea text2PsionWRD source

Very many thanks to philippe brosson for compiling PsionIO on a Mac (using the excellent Platypus tool) and providing these pre-compiled executables. Release notes: 2011-12-08 "in tsv2dbf, I use desc = Desc_Labels; This allows to have the field labels in the DBF Psion file. I have made a minor change in dbf2tsv.c in order to write the field labels in the first line of the TSV file". 2004-04-12 "dbf2tsv and tsv2dbf Mac OS are supporting characters 128-255. I have included psionWRD2text (a port from your Linux software) and text2PsionWRD for Mac OS 8 or 9".

Instructions for the programs in

  1. Click on the link above to download the programs.
  2. Click on the resulting in your download manager.
  3. The archive will be unpacked into a folder called psiomacx on your Desktop.
  4. Click on the folder to open it.
  5. Look for "macosx" in the list of files and click on that.
  6. You will see a list of programs, for example "dbf2tsv".
  7. You need to copy your data file into this directory.
  8. Click on dbf2tsv and a Command Window (Terminal) will open.
  9. In the terminal type the following commands:
  10. You are now ready to run the programs! For example, if you copied a DBF file called "MyFile.DBF" into the "macosx" folder then you can convert it to TSV format (a text file), by typing:

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