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The only arb software on general release for the Psion is a suite of conversion utilities. They are supplied as C source code for running on the command line of unix machines, PCs running DOS, Windows or NT etc. Pre-compiled programs for PCs and Linux are also available. The programs included are:

[Data] [Agenda] [Sheet] [Word]

dbf2tsv - convert a Data file to a TSV file
tsv2dbf - convert a TSV file to a Data file

agn2cal - convert an Agenda file to a TSV file

spr2tsv - convert a Sheet file to a TSV file
tsv2spr - convert a TSV file to a Sheet file

wrd2html - convert a WRD file to plain text or HTML

(For conversion of other file formats please see below.)

TSV files are Tab Separated Value, ie. they are simple text files which can be processed by other utilities or loaded into common database, spreadsheet and word-processing programs. If you need CSV (Comma Separated Value) then use the supplied utilities tsv2csv and csv2tsv.

These programs convert file formats used on the Psion 3a, 3c, 3mx and Siena but not the Psion 5, 5mx or GeoFox One. For Psion 5, 5mx etc. see Frodo Looijaard's page.

This is release 3.95; the major differences from 1.0 being proper Agenda reading, Sheet support and character set conversions, and from release 2.0 being WRD support and databases containing field types other than just string.

You can contact me at this address:

Source CodeSolaris executablesLinux executablesPC executablesMac applicationsMac OS X executablesRISC OS applications
Download the source code zip file (v3.95).


Download the Solaris executables zip file (v3.95).


Download the Linux executables zip file (v3.95).


Download the PC executables zip file (v3.90).


Download the Mac executables sit file.


Download the Mac OS X executables zip file (v3.93).

Mac OS X

Download the RISC OS executables zip file (v3.81).


Note that this software is PostCardWare; if you use it you are required to send a post card to the author (details in the README file).

How to use the programs

These are command-line programs (see below for which contains a Windows program). Click Start, select Run..., enter cmd (or command if on an old version of Windows) and you will get a window where you can type commands. Now if you have unpacked the Zip file unto C:\PsionIO for example, type cd C:\PsionIO then you can run the programs. Copy your data files into that folder and try things like dbf2tsv -? to get some help. For example dbf2tsv file.dbf > file.txt

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plptools (Unix connectivity)
Other conversion utilities:
PsiConv | PsionConv | ChangePSI | PsiFS | Psio (esp. Psio GUI) [Download] | Series 5: DataContact | ConvertData
PsiLin (Linux connectivity, with GUI)
Steve Lichfield's 3-Lib Daniel Pfund Psion World (FAQ, programmers, etc.) Psion Internet Database

The source code versions are: The files and their dates are:

psionio.c     1.12 (C) 1996 arb Psion I/O
agn2tsv.c     1.12 (C) 1997 arb AGN to TSV
dbf2tsv.c     1.04 (C) 1996 arb DBF to TSV
spr2tsv.c     1.04 (C) 1997 arb SPR to TSV
tsv2dbf.c     1.06 (C) 1996 arb TSV to DBF
tsv2spr.c     1.01 (C) 1997 arb TSV to SPR
wrd2html.c    1.06 (C) 1997 arb WRD to text or HTML
csv2tsv.c     1.00 (C) 2001 arb CSV to TSV
tsv2csv.c     1.00 (C) 2001 arb TSV to CSV

     3154  2002/01/27 16:49   Makefile
     2636  2002/01/27 16:46   CHANGES
     2068  2002/01/27 16:45   README
    15789  2002/01/27 16:40   psionio.c
     4334  2001/12/18 11:22   MANUAL
    23056  2001/12/18 11:19   agn2tsv.c
     1567  2001/08/09 18:04   Makefile.pc
      241  2001/08/09 12:21   README.LINUX
     1387  2001/08/01 21:15   INSTALL
     2249  2001/08/01 20:54   csv2tsv.c
     1934  2001/08/01 20:53   tsv2csv.c
     7551  2001/08/01 20:53   psionio.h
      242  2000/06/16 15:37   README.SOLARIS
    19633  1999/10/04 11:08   wrd2html.c
     5890  1999/09/08 10:27   tsv2spr.c
    21557  1998/05/28 12:19   spr2tsv.c
    10327  1998/05/28 11:58   dbf2tsv.c
     9571  1998/05/06 10:34   tsv2dbf.c
     1057  1997/05/07 14:35   agn2tsv.h
    16005  1994/02/04 11:23   getopt.c

Thanks to Philippe Brosson <> for the Mac executables. Unfortunately I cannot support them, please contact Philippe for assistance.

Thanks to Thomas Milius for the RISC OS executables. Unfortunately I cannot support them, please contact Thomas Milius for assistance or download the !SIBOConv source code.

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