Various: The Wire Tapper 3

The Wire (Wire182)


  1. Supersilent: 4.1
  2. High Rise: Sadame
  3. Rothko: For Danny
  4. We: Hielo
  5. Gas: Untitled
  6. To Rococo Rot: She Loves Animals
  7. Thurston Moore/Evan Parker/Walter Prati: Children
  8. Model 500: In And Out
  9. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma: Teen Taal
  10. Khan: Broken English (How Do You Spell...?)
  11. Hood: In Iron Light
  12. Paul Panhuysen: Partita For 16 Long Strings Proportionally Tuned
  13. Robert Ashley: Your Money My Life Goodbye
  14. Sheila Chandra: Shehnai Song
  15. Void: X-Factor
  16. Rhys Chatham: Live At Now ninety8

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