Stokes, Matt: Sacred Selections

LocusPlus (DCA1)


  1. Northern Soul:
    1. Yvonne Baker: You Didn't Say A Word
    2. The Vonettes: Touch My Heart
    3. Martha Starr: No Part Time Love For Me
    4. Darrell Banks: Open The Door To Your Heart
    5. Dean Parrish: I'm On My Way
  2. Happy Hardcore:
    1. Bang: Shooting Star
    2. Hopscotch: Midnight Express
    3. Joining Of The Clans: Braveheart
    4. Sy and Demo: Stay With Me
    5. Q-Tex: Power Of Love
    6. Force and Styles: Heart Of Gold
  3. Black Metal:
    1. Emperor: Alsvartr (The Oath)
    2. Bathory: Blood Fire Death
    3. Cradle Of Filth: Dusk And Her Embrace

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