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In the 1994 the Mendip Cave Registry (MCR) was reformed following its demise in the late 1960s. It is manned by volunteer Registrars who form the membership of the group. The MCR receives no financial aid from clubs, regional or national bodies based upon the premise that 'he who pays the piper calls the tune'.

As an independant organisation it can operate without constraint and works upon internal policies subscribed by its members.

The aim of MCR is to record all available information relating to the caves and stone mines of the three counties from whatever source and make it available at a small profit to bone-fide cavers and caving organisations including related bodies to cover administrative costs.

At the moment the group is compiling a complete register of sites of speleological interest in the counties of Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire in addition to comprehensive bibliographies of published works/articles and surveys all of which are compiled in separate databases.

The first edition of the Mendip Cave Register is planned to be published at the BCRA Conference, being held in Bristol, England, in September 1997. The Mendip Cave Bibliography and Newspaper Catalogue is being published at the end of June 1997 (details given below) which currently comprises over 10,400 references and the newspaper list of accounts relating to Mendip caves from 1675 to the present, contains a further 1800 references. Future updates are planned.

The Hon. Secretary is Dr. Tony Boycott,
14, Walton Rise,
Westbury on Trym,
Bristol, BS9 3EW.
Telephone: (0117) 9507 336

The Database Recorder is Dave Irwin,
Townsend Cottage,
Somerset, BA5 5BP.
Telephone: (01749) 870 369

Anyone with information that may be of interest to the Registrars should be sent to Dave Irwin (address above). Offers of help relating to a specific area or help of a general nature should be made to Tony Boycott (address above).

Mendip Cave Bibliography

Compiled by Dave Irwin, with additional material submitted by Tony Boycott, Graham Price and Richard Witcombe. AND A catalogue of about 1800 newspaper references compiled by Dave Irwin.

Published June/July 1997 c.260pp, light card covers with clear plastic sheets and comb bound. Photocopied. Price £20 post paid, commercial and public institutions £100 post paid.

This massive work produced from a large database created in 1994 which has been continually added to since that time. It is an indispensible addition to Mendip Caving Literature and is the largest such publication ever to appear in the British Isles dealing with a single British caving region. It contains about 10,400 references each related to the caves referred to in the text. Based initially on Ray Mansfield's card index of about 3,000 items it has been expanded to its current size. Non-cave specific topics have been collected together under a relevant heading, e.g. archaeology, biology, hydrology, geomorphology etc. Typeset in Times Roman font 7 point to minimise the number of pages and yet not too small to prevent easy and casual browsing. It does not, at this point in time, displace other all other bibliographies and indexes such as Mendip Bibliography Part II by Trevor Shaw [1972] or the various indexes published by caving organisations [BCRA and CDG] or Descent Magazine. Neither do the compilers claim it to be complete for there are still many caving / national magazine runs and newspapers still to be searched.

It is only obtainable from the Mendip Cave Registry and will not be available in the caving retail outlets. It is also being published to order - there will be no spare stocks held after publication.

To order: All PO/cheques payable to MENDIP CAVE REGISTRY. Send note stating the number of copies required and a PO/cheque [drawn on a British bank] to cover the total cost.
Mendip Cave Registry
c/o Dave Irwin,
Townsend Cottage,
Somerset, BA5 3BP.
All orders to be received by 15th June 1997. Copies will be dispatched within 28 days of the closing date.

A copy will be on view at the BCRA Regional Meeting at the village hall at Priddy, Somerset, on 7th June.

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