arb's MemoryMap image of Scotland

I have prepared a satellite image of Scotland which you can load into MemoryMap. This can be overlaid with your routes and tracks, or you can view it in 3D. As far as I know, this is the first aerial view of Scotland which has been made available! Getmapping are still trying to find a sunny day for flying their aeroplanes ;-)

This is a map of the area covered by the satellite image:


Scotland from Satellite 3D view of Loch Tay

View some samples taken from the map to compare the low and high resolution versions. Note the quality of the collection of white buildings (bonded warehouses near Alloa in the middle to the right of the green line).

Sample of low-resolution map

Sample of high-resolution map at same scale

Sample of high-resolution map at maximum scale


You can download the image here:

To install it, save the file onto your hard disk. Unpack the Zip file (if you want assistance with this then let me know). You then have two options: tell MemoryMap where it is, or store it into the MemoryMap folder.

High Resolution Image

I have much higher resolution images available which you can purchase for the sum of ten pounds to cover the effort I have spent on this project. Contact me for payment options (cheque, paypal, nochex, fastpay, whatever).

Future Developments

I am still working on other images of Scotland suitable for MemoryMap so contact me with any requests.

Contact arb

You can contact arb using the contact form (or by email if you can guess the email address!).

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