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MemoryMap is a Windows program for displaying maps (in 2D or 3D), allowing routes to be plotted and points of interest to be marked. It can also interface to a GPS, allowing the display of tracks already travelled, or the creation of routes to follow on your next trip.

It can display maps from anywhere in the world (if you can obtain them) but is more famous for the availability of Ordnance Survey maps covering the whole of the UK. Other map series available include marine charts and aviation charts.

There is also a version of MemoryMap which runs on PocketPC PDAs; you can save sections of map from your PC onto your PDA for use whilst outside.

MemoryMap Overlays

I have produced a set of overlays which you may be interested to see. The first one is a collection of points marking the summits of the Scottish Munros (mountains over 3000 feet, or about 900m). Contact me if you want a copy (see below). MemoryMap Munros Overlay (in a zip file).

Map of Scotland

I have produced a MemoryMap overlay which is a satellite image of Scotland. It looks quite pretty in 3-D, with snow on the peaks. To be honest it's not so relevant now that everybody has access to Google Earth but if you are interested see my MemoryMap Scotland page.


Don't get me started...!

Whilst overall I am pleased with the MemoryMap software I am not a big fan of the MemoryMap company. I have contacted them a few times in the past with praise, criticism, bug reports and suggestions for improvement, but have had no replies.

I am very annoyed at the way they treated their customers over the issue about the need to upgrade 2003 maps in 2004. Especially their claim that the upgrade was necessary to gain the 3D feature when in fact the 2004 software was perfectly capable of showing 2003 maps in 3D. Admittedly some of the annoyance should be directed at Ordnance Survey and their licensing restrictions (and let's face it, the taxpayer paid for the original maps!). But the whole issue was not handled well by MemoryMap.

If you want a full list of reasons for my annoyance then contact me; I don't want to sound too grumpy here!



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