Grampian Speleological Group
Previous Events


Date Location Event
Jan 12/13 Yorkshire King Pot, harder trip
Mar 9/10 Yorkshire Jingling Pot, fairly straightforward SRT
Apr 6/7 Applecross Applecross weekend
End April/Early May Assynt Mendip migration
May 18/19 Vale of Eden Exploration (provisional date)
Jun 1/2 Yorkshire Sleets Gill/Outsleets Beck
Jul 6/7 Yorkshire Shuttleworth Pot - bring your camera!


(TBD = To Be Decided, TBC = To Be Confirmed, AGM = Annual General Meeting, SCRO = Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation, BCRC = British Cave Rescue Council, BBQ = Barbeque)

There are also regular visits to Assynt and other outings throughout Scotland.

Date Location Event
Jan 21 Assynt  
Jan 28-29 Yorkshire Beginners Meet, Calf holes/Sunset hole
Feb 4 Winchburgh AGM
Feb 18 Assynt Scottish theme evening
Mar 17-18 Yorkshire Gingling Hole. This is a harder trip.
Apr 6-9 South Wales Easter weekend in South Wales
Apr 27 - May 8 Assynt Mendip Migration
May 5 Near ContinImogen and Rob's house warming
May 19-20 Yorkshire Lancaster Hole, plan to do two trips, one easy, one longer (e.g. through to Wretched Rabbit)
Jun 9 Yorkshire Robinson's Pot
Jun 10 Yorkshire Diccan Pot, a fairly hard trip, plus Founder's Day descent of Alum Pot on rope ladders - easier trip, plus Upper and Lower Long Churn and other easier caves.
Jun 23 Assynt Midsummer BBQ
Jun 30 - Jul 1 Yorkshire Little Hull Pot
Jul 14/15 Assynt GSG Hut Meet
Jul 27 - 31 France Jura
Aug 18-19 Yorkshire Easegill via Top Sink
Aug 25/26 Assynt GSG Hut Meet
Sep 1 - 2 Yorkshire Death's Head / Big Meanie
Sep 15/16 Assynt GSG Hut Meet
Sep 21-23 LancashireHidden Earth 2012, Burnley
Oct 7 Appin SCRO rescue exercise
Oct 27/28 Durness Annual Dinner
Nov 9-11 Yorkshire Beginners' meet, Gavel Pot, exchange with Short Drop if numbers permit
Nov 18 E.Lothian Thorntonloch mine digging
Nov 24/25 Appin Glenstockdale exploration
Dec 1/2 Yorkshire Magnetometer Pot/Hunt pot, intermediate level SRT trips
Dec 8/9 Assynt Christmas Party


Date Location Event
Jan 22/23 Derbyshire  
Feb 5 Edinburgh AGM
Feb 5/6 Yorkshire Beginner/Intermediate trips
Feb 12 Assynt Scottish theme evening.
Feb 12/13 Appin TBD. This could be a day trip, or an overnight camp for those that fancy it.
Feb 20   Cleeves Cove cave surveying
Feb 26/27 Yorkshire Marilyn Pot and Easegill
Mar 31 Edinburgh Knots practice
Apr 9/10 Yorkshire Trips for beginners: Heron Pot / Sell Gill
Apr 16/17 Yorkshire Trips for more advanced cavers: King Pot / Black Shiver
May 27 Edinburgh 50th Anniversary exhibition opening
May 28/29 Yorkshire Easegill system
Jun 4/5 Applecross Cave discovery
Jun 11/12 Yorkshire Founder's day trip to Sell Gill Holes - vintage clothing and gear required!
Jun 17 Edinburgh Tour of GSG meeting places (i.e. pub crawl)
Jun 18 Edinburgh 50th Anniversary - presentations, meal and ceilidh
Jun 25/26 Assynt BBQ
Jun 26 Appin TBD
Jul 16/17 Yorkshire Warm-up for Slovenia
Jul 23/24 Yorkshire Warm-up for Slovenia
Jul 30 - Aug 14 Slovenia GSG Jubilee year expedition to Slovenia - with a possible side-trip to Croatia. Camping at Speleocamp, Laze
Sep 10 Edinburgh SRT training
Sep 17/18 Assynt SCRO training, cave rescue exercise
Sep 24/25 South WalesHidden Earth caving conference, Monmouth
Oct 23 Derbyshire Titan descent
Oct 29 Assynt Annual Dinner, Ullapool
Nov 12-13 Appin Various caves
Nov 19 Priddy Mendip Cave Rescue 75th Anniversary and 2011 JRat's Digging Award ceremony
Nov 26-27 Yorkshire Rift Pot/Washfold Pot
Dec 10/11 Assynt Christmas Dinner, Elphin
Dec 10-11 Yorkshire Death's head-Big Meanie
Dec 30 - Jan 2 Assynt New Year


Date Location Event
Jan 1 Assynt New Year at the hut
Jan 16 Derbyshire Simon Brooks has the Orpheus hut booked for his 50th so we've brought our Derbyshire meet forward to coincide.
Jan 23 Winchburgh GSG AGM
Jan 30 Assynt GSG theme evening meal - not a Burns Supper but with a poetic slant
Mar 20 Yorkshire Goyden/New Goyden/Manchester hole
Apr 10/11 Assynt Continue emptying Rana of spoil and surplus gear
Apr 17 Yorkshire Little Hull Hole
Apr 23-May 3 Assynt "Mendip Migration" Digging at Toll Radain, Three G's, ANUSC and in the streambed.
Jun 5/6 Assynt Clearing Rana and Digging at Campbell's Cave
Jun 5 Edinburgh SRT and ladder training at the Loanhead bridge
Jun 12-27 Derbyshire Credit Crunch Expedition
Jun 26/27 Assynt GSG Midsummer BBQ
Jul 3/4 Yorkshire County Pot (TBC)
Jul 10 Yorkshire Founder's Day - Sunset Hole by rope ladder
Jul 17/18 Assynt Campbell's Cave etc.
Jul 31/Aug 1 Yorkshire Meregill Hole (TBC)
Aug 7/8 Assynt Introduce Croatians to Assynt
Aug 14/15 Yorkshire Take Croatians down some Yorkshire pots
Aug 14/15 Assynt Hut maintenance and shed building weekend
Aug 29 Perth Trinafour Caves
Oct 9/10 Yorkshire Little Hull Pot
Oct 30 Yorkshire GSG Annual Dinner, Buck Inn Malham
Nov 20/21 Yorkshire Easegill - probably Link or Pippikin
Dec 4/5 Yorkshire Caves chosen will be suitable for all levels from novice to expert
Dec 11 Assynt GSG Christmas Meal


Date Location Event
Jan 1 Assynt New Year at the hut
January 24/25 Yorkshire Tatham Wife Hole
January 24/25 Assynt Caving and Burn's Supper
January 31 Winchburgh GSG AGM
February 20/21 Assynt Caving
March 14/15 Appin  
March 21 Assynt Caving and Bavarian meal
April 19 Ripley BCRC AGM
April 26 Arrochar SCRO joint exercise with Strathclyde Police on A'Chrois
April 25 - May 3Assynt Mendip Migration
May 8-10 Derbyshire BCRC 2009 National Cave Rescue Conference
May 9 Fort William MRCofS AGM
May 30 Applecross Combined bank holiday caving weekend with joint SCRO / Torridon MRT exercise
June 13/14 Yorkshire Dentdale
June 20/21 Assynt GSG Midsummer BBQ
July 11 Yorkshire Founders weekend, Ireby Fell Cavern on rope ladders, old fashioned caving gear required!
July 18/19 Yorkshire Disappointment Pot
August 1/2 Yorkshire Penyghent Pot
August 21/22 Yorkshire Pete Ireson's favourite: Simpson's Pot pull-through
Sept 25-27 Mendip Hidden Earth national caving conference, Churchill Community School
Oct 24 Mendip GSG annual dinner, Bath Arms, Cheddar
Nov 21/22 Yorkshire Wretched Rabbit / Heron Pot - permits applied for
Dec 12/13 Yorkshire Disappointment Pot - permit applied for


Date Location Event
Jan 1 Assynt New Year at the hut
Jan 12 Yorkshire Farewell to the Robertson's in Ingleton
Jan 19 Winchburgh GSG AGM
Jan 26 Assynt Scottish Evening (Burns' Supper?)
March 8 Assynt An evening in the High Savoy
April 12-13 Assynt Hut building and Rana surveying/digging
April 19-20 Yorkshire Simpson / Swinsto
April 26-27 S.QueensferryBASP first aid course for SCRO members
April 26-May 9 Assynt Possible start of Mendip Migration 2008
May 17-19 Mendip Fly-Cave weekend, possible Upper Flood trip
May 31-June 1 Assynt Hut building and Rana surveying/digging
June 7-8 Yorkshire EUG trip to Pool Sink (Easegill), 3 places available, maybe also Wretched Rabbit
June 21-22 Yorkshire Goon's 50 years of caving: Long Churn on rope ladders, period dress and illumination only (no PVC, no wellies, no LEDs!)
June 28 Assynt Midsummer BBQ
July 5 Yorkshire EUG trip to Notts II, 3 places available, contact Alison Fuller-Shapcott
July 12-13 Yorkshire Penyghent Pot
July 12/13 Lothian NAMHO Conference 2008 - Scottish Mining Museum, Newtongrange
July 19-20 Yorkshire Penyghent Pot
July 19-20 Assynt Hut building and Rana surveying/digging
August 2-3 Appin Appin overnighter
August 15-17 Yorkshire Swaledale (Yorkshire Dave's place)
August 16-17 Assynt Hut building (weekend and the following week) and Rana surveying/digging
August 20-24 Assynt Hut maintenance then trips down Rana for George Vestey and family on the 24th.
August 23-24 Yorkshire Death's Head / Big Meanie
September 12-13 Yorkshire Lancaster Hole / Wretched Rabbit, possibly Tatham Wife Hole on Sunday
September 17-18 Assynt Talk on Claonaite, Rana and the bear bones in Lochinver by Ivan on the 17th followed by a tour to the Bone Caves and beyond on the 18th
September 26-28 Yorkshire Hidden Earth
September 27-28 Assynt Hut building and Rana surveying/digging
October 10-11 Yorkshire Black Shiver
October 25 Assynt GSG Annual Dinner at the Inch
November 8-9 Yorkshire EUG trip to Lancaster/Notts II: some places available to GSG
December 13-14 Assynt GSG Christmas Party
December 31 Assynt New Year at the hut


Date Location Event
Jan 27 Assynt GSG Burns' Supper
Feb 10 Yorkshire Wretched Rabbit, Ease Gill Caverns (EUG trip with space for some GSG)
Feb 10/11 Assynt Rana Hole
Feb 17 Yorkshire Lost Johns
Feb 24/25 Assynt Rana Hole
Mar 10 Yorkshire Ease Gill Caverns (EUG trip with space for some GSG)
Mar 24/25 Assynt Filming in Claonaite and digging in Rana Hole; Moroccan theme evening?
Mar 31 Yorkshire Rumbling Hole
Apr 7/8 Appin The Eco-anchoring of Claig-ionn and other activities
Apr 14 Derbyshire BCRA Cave Technology Symposium
Apr 20/21 Assynt Rana Hole and more surveying in ANUSC
Apr 26ish Assynt Mendip Migration starts with upgrading the Rana winch
Apr 28 Yorkshire Something simple en route to BCRC AGM
Apr 29 Derbyshire British Cave Rescue Council AGM
May 13/14 Queenferry BASP 1st Aid Course for SCRO members
May 20 West Lothian SCRO mine search exercise
Jun 23 Assynt Midsummer BBQ
Jun 25/26 Assynt Guided cave tours for Ullapool High School - volunteer guides needed
Jul 7 Yorkshire Notts Pot
Aug 11-12 Assynt Rana hole etc.
Aug 17-19 Yorkshire Swaledale weekend, camping at "Yorkshire Dave's"
Sep 1/2 Yorkshire Black Shiver
Sep 13-17 Assynt European Geoparks Network Conference 2007
Sep 14-20 Assynt Field trips for Geopark Conference
Sep 21/23 Tewkesbury Hidden Earth 2007, Tewkesbury School, (water levels permitting)
Oct 5-7 Assynt Rana digging on Friday, Joint SCRO/AMRT exercise on Saturday, surely digging on Sunday
Oct 13-14 Yorkshire Novice SRT trips
Oct 27/28 Skye GSG Annual Dinner at Saucy Mary's, Kyleakin
Oct 29-31 Assynt Post-dinner caving and digging
Nov 3/4 Yorkshire Cow Pot / Lancaster Hole (with EUG)
Nov 16-18 Aberfoyls MRCofS Shell Seminar for SCRO members
Nov 24/25 Assynt Rana and DIY curry evening
Dec 14/16 Assynt Rana and GSG Christmas Dinner


Date Location Event
Jan 21/22 Assynt Theme evening - Tartan Tremor
Jan 28 Winchburgh GSG AGM 10.30 am
Jan 28/29 Yorkshire post-AGM pre-Meghalaya SRT practice. West Kingsdale (Aquamole? Simpson's pull-through?), Chapel-le-Dale (Meregill Hole?)
Feb 4 - Mar 5 Meghalaya Caving in the Abode of the Clouds 2006
Feb 11/12 Yorkshire W. Kingsdale - Bull Pot & Jingling Pot (lateral route)
Feb 18/19 and/or 25/26 Assynt Hut Maintenance
Mar 4/5 Yorkshire Marble Steps Pot (Sat), Illusion Pot (Sun)
Mar 18/19 Assynt Theme evening - Southeast Asian Collation
Mar 25/26 Yorkshire Black Shiver Pot (Sat), Alum Pot main shaft (Sun)
Apr 8/9 Appin Glen Duror bothy weekend (and George Kennedy's 30th birthday celebration!)
Apr 15-17 Mendip Proposed date for a fly/drive/cave/drink weekend. Contact Dave Warren if you are interested.
Apr 22/23 Yorkshire Ireby Fell Cavern (Sat) - permit T.B.C., Heron Pot (Sun)
Apr 29-1 Applecross TBD
May 6/7 Assynt Mendip Invasion? Dates unknown.
May 14 Appin SCRO / Oban MRT joint exercise
May 20/21 Yorkshire Ease Gill - Pippikin Pot - Link Pot (Sat), Bull Pot of the Witches (Sun) - permits T.B.C.
May 27-29 Skye TBD
Jun 9-11 Wales NAMHO Conference 2005, Mining in the Landscape
Jun 10/11 Yorkshire Leck Fell - Rumbling Hole, Gavel Pot and Short Drop Cave - permits T.B.C.
Jul 15-17 S Wales Proposed fly-drive trip - let me know if you are interested and if the date is suitable.
Aug 12/13 Swaledale Mines, caves and BBQ
Aug 5-7 Assynt Digging in Rana
Sep 22-24 Staffordshire Hidden Earth 2006 in Leek High School
Sep 23/24 Assynt Digging in Rana and a new cave called Hut Maintenance
Oct 4-10 Assynt Digging in Rana (Mendip team visit)
Oct 7 Assynt SCROTE (SCRO Training Exercise) with AMRT
Nov 4/5 S.Wales GSG Annual Dinner
Nov 18/19 Assynt GSG Theme Evening - Una Notte Italiana
Dec 16 Assynt GSG Christmas Party


Date Location Event
to 4 Jan Assynt New Year at the hut
Jan 15/16 Yorkshire Vesper Pot (Sat), Illusion Pot (Sun)
Jan 22 Edinburgh AGM 10:30am in Winchburgh
Jan 29/30 Assynt Burns' Supper and caving
5 Feb to 6 Mar Meghalaya Caving in the Abode of the Clouds expedition 2005
Feb 12/13 Yorkshire Juniper Gulf (Sat) - permit obtained
Feb 19/20 Appin Bothy weekend in Glen Duror - Albion Pot etc.
Feb 26/27 Assynt Hut maintenance, Digging in Rana etc.
March 5/6 Yorkshire Rumbling Hole (Sat) - permit available, Notts II (Sun)
Mar 12/13 Applecross Cave of the Liar etc. - let's go before the midges come out!
Mar 25-28 North Wales Caves & Mines of North Wales - possible trips include Llanberis bomb store,Glynrhonwy Slate Quarry and Hafna Lead mine - contact Matt Hutson
Apr 8-10 Mendip Another fly/drive/cave/drink Contact Dave Warren for details
Apr 16-17 Assynt SCRO RAF Helicopter Training Session
Apr 23/24 Nidderdale Goyden Pot & Manchester Hole
May 7/8 Yorkshire Penyghent Pot (Sat) permit applied for
May 14/15 Appin SCRO practice, digging etc.
May 28/29 Skye High Pasture Cave etc.
June 4/5 Yorkshire Pool Sink to County Pot (Sat) - permit obtained
Jun 25/26 Assynt GSG Midsummer BBQ
July 8-10 Surrey NAMHO Conference 2005
Jul 16/17 Yorkshire Ireby Fell Cavern (Sat), Great Douk &/or Sunset Hole (Sun)
Jul 30/31 Assynt Digging Rana, Hut maintenance etc.
Aug 13/14 Swaledale Contact Yorkshire Dave for details
Aug 27/28 Assynt Another attempt to recce the Sea Caves of Durness/Loch Eriboll - contact Dan Harries
Sept TBD Picos September Expedition to Picos
Sept 23-25Mendip BCRA Conference
Oct 8/9 Assynt SCRO & Assynt MRT Joint Practice. Theme evening - Celebration of the sea!
Oct 29/30 Yorkshire GSG Annual Dinner
Nov 12/13 Yorkshire Long Kin West (Sat) - permit obtained
Nov 19/20 Assynt Digging in Rana and all other usual activities
Nov 26/27 North Wales Caves & Mines of North Wales - possible trips include Llanberis bomb store, Glynrhonwy Slate Quarry and Hafna Lead mine - contact Matt Hutson
Dec 3/4 Yorkshire Goon's Ancient Caverner descents of Ireby Fell Cavern & Tatham Wife Hole
Dec 10/11 Assynt Theme evening - Christmas Party


Date Location Event
to Jan 3 Assynt New year at the hut (continued)
Jan 17/18 Yorkshire TBD
Jan 24/25 Assynt Scots Evening - haggis and poetry (and Rana)
Feb 7 Winchburgh GSG AGM at 10:30 am
Feb 14/15 Appin Bothy weekend in Glen Duror - Albion Pot, Draught Caledonian etc.
Feb 21/22 Assynt Swiss evening
Feb 27/28 Yorkshire TBD
Mar 20/21 Yorkshire TBD
Apr 3/4 Appin Albion Pot, Draught Caledonian etc
Apr 24/25 Yorkshire TBD
Apr 25 Ripley BCRC AGM
May 8/9 ApplecrossCave of the Liar et cetera
May 15/16 Yorkshire Nick Pot
May 21-23 Mendip Fly/drive/cave for a long weekend.
May/Jun Ireland Proposed week in County Clare
Jun 5/6 Yorkshire Lost Johns
Jun 12/13 Skye
Jul 16-18 Swaledale see note below
Jul 23-25 Coniston 2004 NAMHO Conference
Jul 24/25 Yorkshire Vespers Pot, Heron Pot (contact Peter Ireson or Fiona)
Aug 14/15 Assynt Rana Hole, Durness/Loch Eriboll sea caves (contact Dan)
Aug 20-22 Mendip Another fly/drive/cave. Contact Roger Galloway for details. Party on 21st at Annie's house.
Aug TBD Canada Return to Vancouver Island
Sep 11/12 Yorkshire Gavel Pot, Short Drop Cave (contact Fiona or Dan)
Sep 18/19 Skye High Pasture Cave and new discoveries in Coille Gaireallach
Sep 25/26 Assynt Rana Hole, hut maintenance et cetera
Oct 1-3 Kendal Hidden Earth 2004, National Caving Conference
Oct 9 Assynt SCRO/AMRT rescue exercise
Oct 30/31 Assynt GSG Annual Dinner and associated activities
Nov 5-7 Cannich Martyn's Birthday Bash
Nov 13/14 Assynt Italian Theme Evening (Let Pete D know if you are coming along)
Nov 27/28 Yorkshire Lost Johns, Calf Holes & Old Ing (contact Fiona) Note date change
Dec 11/12 Yorkshire Bull Pot &/or Aquamole Pot &/or Heron Pot
Dec 18/19 Assynt Sutherland Xmas Party
Dec 28 to Jan 4 Assynt New Year at the hut


Date Location Event
Jan 1-4 Assynt New Year at the hut - activities depend on weather with digging, surveying, sledging, skiing, eating and drinking on the menu
Jan 18 Yorkshire Notts Pot
Jan 25/26 Assynt Burns night, digging and surveying
Feb 1 Winchburgh AGM 10:30 am at Derek & Liz's home in Winchburgh
Feb 8 Meghalaya A month of exploration in India
Feb 15 Yorkshire Lancaster Hole - permit applied for - contact Mike O'Driscoll for details
Feb 22/23 Assynt Indian evening, digging and surveying
Mar 15 Yorkshire Rumbling Hole
Apr 25/26 Assynt Hut building and start of Mendip Migration week
July 5->19 Switzerland Saas Fee then Chamonix - some 4000 metre peaks then Mont Blanc
Aug 2/3 Assynt Conservatory building & Rana Hole digging
Aug 16/17 Assynt yes it's more building and digging
Sept 5->21 Italian Dolomites September expedition to the via ferrata and wartime tunnels
Sept 13->28 Scotland Rock On - Scottish Geology Festival 2003
Oct 3->5 Upton-on-Severn Hidden Earth 2003 - national caving conference
Oct 25/26 Appin GSG Annual Dinner - Inchree Holiday Centre
Sept TBD September expedition
Oct 25 Appin GSG Annual Dinner - may move 1 week to avoid clash with Hidden Earth 2003.
Nov 8 Assynt Fireworks
Dec 13/14 Assynt GSG Christmas Dinner, conservatory building and Rana Hole digging
Dec 28 -- Assynt New year at the hut


Date Location Event
Jan 19 Yorkshire Notts 2
Jan 26 Assynt (Theme evening)
Feb 15/17 Assynt (with Chinese theme evening)
Mar 9 Assynt Dave Warren celebrates 50
Mar 30 Yorkshire Gavel Pot & Short Drop - permit obtained
Apr 20 Yorkshire Easegill - permit applied for
May 1->6 Assynt Approx dates for Mendip Migration
May 5/6 Appin SCRO exercise with Oban MRT
Jun 4->18 Canada Caving on Vancouver Island
Jun 29 Assynt Mid-summer BBQ
Jul 7 Lothians SCRO exercise with Tweed Valley MRT
Aug 24->25Yorkshire
Sep 7->14 Dolomites Vie ferrate
Sep 14->28 Jura Caving and climbing
Sep 27->29 Forest of Dean Hidden Earth 2002 - National Caving Conference
Oct 5/6 Assynt SCRO exercise with Assynt MRT
Nov 7-11 Mendip A proposed fly/drive expedition
Oct 26 Assynt GSG Annual Dinner in Inchnadamph Hotel
Nov 23/24 Assynt Tyrolean theme evening and hut building
Dec 14/15 Assynt Cocktails/canapes & gourmet Xmas evening with slide show of all the years' foreign expeditions.


Date Location Event
Feb (most of) Meghalaya Expedition
Feb 17 Winchburgh GSG Annual General Meeting
Feb 24/25 Assynt Robert Service evening - Smoo Cave survey plus usual attractions
Mar 10 Yorkshire Notts 2 - Help Nigel with smoke tests
Apr 7/8 Skye Explore Steve's latest discoveries and help with digging/surveying
Apr 21 Yorkshire Outsleets Beck
Jun 2/3 Kintyre Look for known and unknown caves in the seldom visited peninsula
Jun 23 Yorkshire Cow Pot - permit applied for
Jul 21/22 Cumbria Nenthead mines
Jul 28/29 Assynt Digging in Rana Hole - hut maintenance
Aug 25 Yorkshire Christmas Pot - permit applied for
Sept 1->15 Dolomites Probable fortnight in Cortina area
Sept 8 Yorkshire Lost Johns - permit applied for
Sept 22/24 Elphin Peter and Dick's celebratory pig bake
Oct 6 Assynt SCRO/AMRT practice rescue
Oct 11/13 Derbyshire UK National Caving Conference near Buxton
Oct 27/28 Yorkshire GSG Annual Dinner, GG - Bar Pot & Flood Entrance


Date Location Event
New Year 1999-2000 Assynt All the usual activities
15-16 January 2000 Yorkshire Lost John's Cave
February Somerset Date and caves TBD
1-29 February Meghalaya, India Expedition lasting about a month
26 February Yorkshire Vesper Pot
25 March Yorkshire Simpson's Pot
22 April Yorkshire Lancaster Hole/Top Sink - Permit applied for
20 May Yorkshire Hunt Pot - Permit applied for
2 June Assynt GSG Spring BBQ
17 June Yorkshire Smeltmill Beck Cave
25-26 June Derbyshire BCRC Conference
1 July Yorkshire Black Shiver
29-30 July Yorkshire TBD
5-6 August Mendip TBD
19-20 August Yorkshire TBD
2 September Assynt GSG Autumn BBQ
2-3 September Yorkshire Bar Pot/Lancaster Hole (Meghalayans visit)
2-16 September Vercors, France Expedition
15-17 September Bristol BCRA Hidden Earth 2000, Bristol University
23 September Settle Nigel & Anne's wedding
7 October Yorkshire Flood Entrance
26-30 October South Wales GSG Annual Dinner
4 November Falkirk Falkirk tunnels
4 November Assynt The Allt bonfire and fireworks
11 November Yorkshire Juniper Gulf
11/12 November Assynt All the usual digs plus French cuisine Saturday evening
25/26 November Swaledale St. Francis Level, Cliff Force... et cetera
3 December Arrochar SCRO exercise with Arrochar MRT
9 December Yorkshire TBD


Date Location Event
9-10 January Yorkshire Pen-y-ghent Pot (permit applied for) / TBD
23-24 January Appin Midge-free caving in Creran
30-31 January Yorkshire Christmas Pot / TBD
6-7 February Assynt Robert Service evening (ask Pete Dowswell for an explanation!)
20-21 February Yorkshire Notts Pot / TBD
6-7 March Yorkshire Flood Entrance Pot / TBD
20-21 March Assynt Caribbean evening
10-11 April Assynt Hut repair, plus digging
17-18 April Forest of Dean or Derbyshire Watch this space...!
1 May Assynt Curry Marathon at the Alt
29-30 May Appin
5-6 June Skye Cave prospecting with Steve Birch
12-13 June Appin
26-27 June Yorkshire TBD
3-4 July S of Yorkshire Derbyshire, Wales, or Mendip?
17-18 July Yorkshire TBD
10-12 September Leeds Hidden Earth '99 - BCRA National Caving Conference
11 September Assynt SCRO joint practice with Assynt MRT
25-26 September Assynt GSG Autumn BBQ
2-3 October Yorkshire TBD
23-24 October Yorkshire County Pot, Easegill Caverns
30-31 October Assynt Annual Dinner (Halloween dress required!)
13-14 November Appin Digging in Draught Caledonian? etc
27-28 November Yorkshire TBD
11-12 December Yorkshire Grange Rigg/Christmas Pot
New Year 1999-2000 Assynt All the usual activities


Date Location Event
Sat 3-4 Jan Yorkshire Vesper Pot / TBD
Sat 24-25 Jan Assynt Burn's Supper at the Alt, diving and digging
Sat 31 Jan - 1 Feb Yorkshire Magnetometer Pot / Hagg Gill
21 Feb Kirkliston GSG AGM
28-29 Feb Assynt GSG theme evening, digging et cetera
Sat March 7-8 Yorkshire Sleets Gill Cave / Out Sleets Beck Pot
14-15 March Appin Exploration and surveying
28-29 March Assynt GSG theme evening and all the normal Assynt activities
4-5 April Yorkshire Simpson's Hole / TBD
25 April - 10 May Assynt Mendip migration - caving, digging, diving,
and a swift half or two or more
16-17 May Appin Surveying and exploration
29-30 May Assynt Spring BBQ, digging and diving
6-7 June Durness Smoo and other Durness caves
12-14 June Clapham British Cave Rescue Council Conference
22-23 August Appin Digging in Rose Cave etc.
5-6 September Yorkshire Short Drop / TBD
18-20 September Southport BCRA Conference "Hidden Earth 98"
26-27 September Appin Glen Creran - surface & subterranean surveying
3 October Assynt SCRO joint practice with Assynt MRT
10-11 October Yorkshire Easegill (permit applied for) / TBD
24-25 October Assynt GSG Annual Dinner in Inchnadamph Hotel
7-8 November Appin More work for the Appin Cave Guide
14-15 November Mendip Goon's 40 years of caving celebration
28-29 November Yorkshire Rift Pot - Ireby Fell / TBD
5-6 December Yorkshire Alum <-> Diccan exchange / TBD
12-13 December Assynt Mexican evening plus all the usual attractions


Date Location Event
Sat Jan 11-12 Yorkshire Little Hull (booked) / TBD
Sat Jan 24-25 Assynt Burns Supper - at the Alt
Sat Feb 08-09 Yorkshire Rift Pot / Ireby
Sat Feb 21-22 Assynt
Sat Mar 01 Kirkliston AGM
Sat Mar 08-09 Assynt Greek evening - Taigh nam Famh
Sat Apr 04-05 Assynt Indian evening - Taigh nam Famh
Sat Apr mid Derbyshire BCRC AGM
Sat May 10-11 Yorkshire Ease Gill
Sat May 31 Assynt Spring BBQ
Sat Jun 14-15 South Wales Contact Roger and Liz for details
Sat Aug 01-03 Yorkshire Bar Pot (booked for Friday)
Sat Sep 06 Assynt Autumn BBQ
Fri Sep 12-14 Bristol BCRA conference
Sat Sep 20-21 Appin Lecture to Appin Historical Society
Sat Sep 27-28 Yorkshire Little Hull (booked)
Thu Oct 16-20 Fermanagh Contact Fraser
Sat Nov 01-02 Derbyshire Annual Dinner in Castleton
Sat Nov 22-23 Yorkshire Dow Cave / Providence Pot
Sat Dec 6-7 Yorkshire Simpson's Pot / Bull Pot of the Witches


Date Location Event
Mon Jan 01-02 Assynt New Year in Taigh nam Famh
Sat Jan 13-14 Yorkshire TBD / TBD
Sat Jan 27-28 Assynt Burn's Supper, digging & caving
Sat Feb 10-11 Yorkshire Cherry Tree Hole / Bar Pot (booked)
Sat Feb 17 Uphall Annual General Meeting 2:30 p.m.
Sat Feb 24-25 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving
Sat Mar 09-10 Yorkshire TBD / TBD
Sat Mar 23-24 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving & Indian Evening
Sat Apr 13-14 Appin Surveying - both above and below ground
Sat May 11-12 Yorkshire TBD / TBD
Sat May 25-26 Assynt Spring BBQ
Sat Jun 08-09 Appin Surveying
Sat Jun 22-30 Assynt Sutherland week
Sat Jul 13-14 TBD Choice of Applecross / Skye / Derbyshire
Sat Jul 27-28 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving
Sat Aug 10-11 Appin Surveying
Sat Aug 24-25 Assynt Hut-building, digging, caving
Sat Sep 06-07 Assynt Autumn BBQ and practice rescue New date
Sat Sep 13-15 Sheffield BCRA Conference Hidden Earth
Sat Sep 28 Assynt Claonaite diving (tentative)
Sat Oct 12 Assynt Claonaite diving (tentative)
Sat Oct 12-13 Yorkshire Juniper Gulf (booked) / TBD
Sat Oct 26-27 Assynt Annual Dinner: Altnacealgach
Sat Nov 09-10 Yorkshire Lost Johns (booked)
Sat Dec 07-08 Yorkshire Pippikin (booked) / TBD


Date Location Event
Sat Feb 11 Yorkshire Vespers Pot
Sun Feb 12 Yorkshire Tatham Wife Hole
Sat Mar 04 Yorkshire Diccan Pot
Sun Mar 05 Yorkshire Pool Sink
Sat Apr 08 Yorkshire Little Hull Pot
Sun Apr 09 Yorkshire Middle Scar Cave
Sat Apr 22-23 Appin Surveying
Sat May 06-08 Assynt BCRA Hydrology weekend
Sat May 27-28 Wales Dan Yr Ogof
Sat Jun 03 Assynt Elphin BBQ
Sat Jun 17-18 Assynt Elphin spring barbecue (New date)
Fri Jun 23 Edinburgh Freddie Brandon's 3 score & 10 celebration
Sat Jun 24-25 Penwyllt Cavers' Fair
Sat Jul 01-02 Sutherland Digging
Thu Jul 13 Carlops Classic caves of Scotland - No.1 Jeanie Barries' Cave
Tue Aug 01 Yorkshire Centenary of Martel's descent of Gaping Ghyll
Winch meet in period costume
Sat Aug 05-06 Sutherland Family weekend
Sat Aug 12-13 Applecross or Skye TBD
Tue Aug 22 Edinburgh SRT training
Sat Aug 26-27 Yorkshire To be announced
Sat Sep 09-10 Sutherland Elphin autumn barbecue and slide show
Sat Sep 23-24 Yorkshire Alum Pot / Diccan Pot
Sat Sep 30-01 Southport BCRA National Conference
Sat Oct 07-08 Sutherland Digging
Sat Oct 21-22 Wells GSG annual dinner
Sat Nov 11-12 Yorkshire To be announced
Sat Dec 02-03 Yorkshire Tatham Wife Hole / Hag Gill
Sun Dec 10 Appin Preparatory work for Caves of Appin
Sat Dec 16-17 Assynt Hut-building, digging in Rana and Damoclean


Date Location Event
Sat Mar 19 Yorkshire Meregill
Sat Apr 16 Yorkshire TBD
Fri May 20-22 Sutherland ANUSC (digging/diving), hut building
Fri Jun 03-05 Sutherland Hut building
Fri Jun 10 Yorkshire Dowbergill Passage, Snatcher Pot
Sat Jun 25 Sutherland Hut opening ceremony
Fri Jul 15 Yorkshire Black Shiver Pot, Simpson's Pot
Sat Sep 17 Assynt Hut building
Sun Sep 18 Assynt Hut building
Fri Sep 23-25 Assynt Hut building and inspection
Sat Oct 01 Assynt Official opening of Elphin Caving Centre
Sat Oct 15-16 Assynt Hut building
Sat Oct 15 Yorkshire Pasture Gill Pot
Sun Oct 16 Yorkshire Out Sleet Beck Pot
Sat Oct 22 Assynt Annual Dinner
Sat Nov 05 Yorkshire Ireby Fell Cavern
Sun Nov 06 Yorkshire Heron Pot
Sat Nov 26 Yorkshire Marble Steps Pot
Sun Nov 27 Yorkshire Jingling Pot
Sat Dec 10 Yorkshire Hurnell Moss Pot
Sun Dec 11 Yorkshire Simpson's Pot
Fri Dec 30 Assynt New Year at the new hut

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