Grampian Speleological Group Newsletter
Number 112c, 19 August 2002


GSG Tuesday Evening Watering Hole

When we arrived at the Cambridge Bar last Tuesday evening it was to find the doors locked. It had gone out of business - a curiously timed move since the Edinburgh Festival should be a boom tome for central Edinburgh pubs. However closed it was, and we all moved a couple of hundred yards east to the Oxford Bar also in Young Street.

I've just tried phoning the Cambridge and got no reply. We'll stay with the Oxford on the assumption that the Cambridge remains closed.

Vandalism in Lower Traligill

Someone has 'recently' removed most of the stalagmites in the second 'chamber' in Lower Traligill Cave. This is about ten metres along the main passage at the left hand side of the passage. It appears at least two dozen formations have been broken off a the base and removed from the cave. The lumps of rock evidently used to do this lie next to the stumps.

Two Questions:-

  1. Has anyone already noticed this, or can give a date when they were still intact>
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the affected areas? If they do I'd like a copy so we can see what we have lost.

If you have any information please reply to this Newsletter.

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