Grampian Speleological Group Newsletter
Number 112b, 6 June 2002


Canadian Expedition

The June GSG expedition to Vancouver Island left this week. With assistance from ex-member Pete Ponter (now living in Canada) they have been in contact with the Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group. With Peter Dowswell therefore away for the next couple of weeks, queries on hut bookings should be sent to Ivan.

Midsummer BBQ

A reminder that the GSG Midsummer BBQ is scheduled for Saturday 29th June in Elphin. Please reply to this message if you are coming and to book your bunk spaces.

D A N G E R ! at ANUSC

Don't sit down to eat your sandwiches under the cliff to the left (downstream) of the entrance to Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave. A large lump of rock has recently fallen from it, and there's more to follow. When we were there on May 25th there was an ominous crack leading upwards at the back of the overhang parallel to the cliff face. A large section of this is evidently going to peel off real soon now. Don't be under it when it does! If it hasn't fallen at our next visit we may give it some assistance.

GSG Bulletin & Overdue Subscriptions

The March 2002 GSG Bulletin was posted some time ago to all paid-up GSG members. It hasn't been posted to members who have not paid their 2002 subscriptions, so if you want to read about Meghalaya 2002, and Dolomites 2001, and learn some of the problems in using GPS, you'll need to pay up now.

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