Grampian Speleological Group Newsletter
Number 102B, September 1999


Two reminders for members:-

1. GSG Autumn BBQ

This weekend is the GSG's autumn BBQ at Taigh nam Famh, Assynt. As an added incentive the BBC will be there on Saturday. They want to do a feature on caving and will be there to collect some interviews and shoot some footage in the caves. Provided their insurers let them tackle the perils involved we plan to take them into ANUSC. So if you fancy starring in this epic...

2. Annual Dinner

The forms are trickling in, but not fast enough. Please fill in a form and send it with your cheque N O W. All you have to do is select a main course and tell me if you want bunks reserved in the hut. Note that no form means no reservation. Don't rely on word of mouth or someone else to tell me. If you haven't sent me a form, a cheque or preferably both your place isn't reserved.

And during both BBQ and Annual Dinner weekends the GSG's main dig site awaits your attentions:-

Progress in Rana

Recent dry weather allowed the pool collecting at the bottom of Rana to disappear. A couple of trips since then have seen the bottom dug well below the last rung of the ladder. Digging is easy in soft sediments and we have started going horizontally towards Belh Aven. We've also run out of long Acro props and more would be welcome if we need to move the dig site back towards the shakehole.

Ivan Young