GSG Bulletins List of Illustrations 1989-2001

Volume 1 No.1 - March 1989

3rd Series of Passages, Drawing Cover
Lower Black Rift Resurgence, Argyll, Plan 11
Upper Black Rift cave, Argyll, Plan 14
Glen Creran, Geological Map (upper) 15
Glen Creran, Geological Map (lower) 16
Uamh an Cloinne, Argyll, Plan 18
Uamh an Sgoltaich Fhada III, Argyll, Plan 24
Searching Mine Passages, Diagram 33
Searching Mine Passages, Diagram 34

Volume 1 No.2 - October 1989

Winter at Jingling Pot, 1969, from Photograph Cover
Tunnel at Brunstane House, Edinburgh, Plan 12
Cartoon: Radon, The Movie 23
Blar Nam Fiadhag Pot, Plan and Section 24
Uamh Pol Eoghainn, Elevation of Sump 30
Tripod Diagram 33
Tripod Diagrams 34

Volume 1 No.3 - March 1990

The Old 45ft Shaft at Cousland Mine, 1963, Photo. Cover
Vertebrae, Diagram 11
Toll Fear a'Chradh Chinn, Sutherland, Plan 19
Graphs, Decay of Members, Vintage Chart of Members 23
Lucky Ewe Pot, Raasay, Plan and Elevation 29

Volume 1 No.4 - October 1990

Outside Sunset Hole, 1964, Photograph Cover
Glenfintaig Cave, Elevation 9
Toll fear a'Chradh Chinn, Survey 12
Dalmahoy Cavity, Location plan 14
Petzl Shunt, Diagram 26
Tullich and Meall nan Oighreag Mines, Plan 29

Volume 1 No.5 - March 1991

Dog Rescue at Blackford Hill Quarry, 1966, Photograph Cover
Glen Sannox Barytes Mine, Plan 9
Uamh Poll Droighainn, Sutherland, Plan 10
Gouffre Berger, Elevation inset 12/13
Uamh nan Uachdar, Plan and Location maps 17

Volume 2 No.1 - October 1991

Changing in Kingsdale, Photograph Cover
Kahf el Sahm el Azrak,Egypt, Plan & Elevation 11
Tree Hole, Sutherland. Plan and Sections 13
Ach a'Chorrain. Locations Map 14
Glen Duror, Geological Map 17
Glen Duror, Locations Map with Caves 18
Treefeller's Pot, Argyll, Plan and Elevation 20
Hibernian cave, Argyll, Plan and Sections 21
Draught Caledonian, Plan and Elevation 22
Torduff Tunnel, Midlothian, Location map 25
Raasay Iron Mine, Raasay, Line Survey 26
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sutherland, Survey 30

Volume 2 No.2 - March 1992

Changing at Allt nan Uamh, Photograph Cover
Elf House Cave, Plan 10

Volume 2 No.3 - October 1992

Jim Salvona Changing at Raasay, Photograph Cover
Upper ANUS Cave 4, Plan 11
Uamh an XXXX, Plan and Sections 17
Dubhcraig Subway; Klingon Finger Cave; Resurgence Cave, Argyll, Surveys 20
Treen Scene, Uamh an Claonaite, Plan and Section 23
Devil's Breath Cave, Raasay, Plan and Elevation 27
Loch na Mna Fissure Caves, Raasay, Location maps 32
Highfield Pot, Raasay, Plan 33

Volume 2 No.4 - March 1993

Changing at Carlops, Photograph Cover
Lochanburn Caves, Plan and Elevation 5
Uamh an Coire Domhain, Location map 18
Uamh an Coire Domhain, Plan 19
Uamh an Coire Domhain, Elevation 20
Claonaite 5-6, Sketch Survey 26

Volume 2 No.5 - October 1993

Changing near Goyden Pot, Photograph Cover
Inclined Rift Cave Extensions 8
Uamh Cul Eoghainn, Sutherland, Plan 14
Uamh Cul Eoghainn, Elevation of final rift 15
Tree Hole; Uamha a'Bhrisdeadh-Duile, Plans 17
Cartoon 20
Uamh an Coire Domhain, Sketch survey of dig 22
Upper Traligill Basin. Map of Flood Overflows 24
Caves and Hydrology of the Traligill Basin, Map 34

Volume 3 No.1 - March 1994

Improved Standards for GSG Membership,Drawing Cover
Fingal's Cave, Music 9
Staffa, Map 11
Cartoon, 'Angry Page' 17
GSG Crest and Logo, Drawings 27
Slovenské Jaskyne, Map 30
Jaskyna Domica, Ticket Illustration 31
The Moravian Karst, Badge 35

Volume 3 No.2 - October 1994

Marking Out the Site for the New Hut, Drawing Cover
Glasscnock Cave, Survey 10
New Hole at A.N.U.S., Elevation 15
Cnoc nan Uamh, Northern Lights, Survey 21
Northern Lights, Photograph 22
Cnoc nan Uamh, Kinloss Extension, Survey 24a
Matienzo, Area Map 29

Volume 3 No.3 - March 1995

SCRO Solution - Bury the Victim! Drawing Cover
Pete Reid, Photograph 11
Kahf el Sahm el Azrak, Photograph 14
Kahf el Sahm el Azrak, Survey 15
Karst at Harwood Hole, New Zealand, Photograph 17
Entrance to Hole 4, Bowden Hill, Photograph 30
Lime Kilns at Bowden Hill, Photograph 33
Route Map, Bowden Hill, Survey 36

Volume 3 No.4 - October 1995

Lamp Fettling is Child's Play. Drawing Cover
Cavern at Staines, Woodcut Drawing 12
Boxhead Pot, Entrance, Photograph 13
Draught Caledonian, Terminal Crawl, Survey 18
Rupts du Puit, Schematic Survey 23
Abime de Savonnieres en Perthols, Survey 25
Tiger Balmy Passage, Bowden Hill, Survey 28
Pitch to Sump 7, Uamh an Claonaite, Photograph 35
Uamh an Claonaite 7, Survey 38
Great Northern Time Machine, Photograph 40
Uamh an Claonaite in Relation to Nearby Caves, Survey 43

Volume 3 No.5 - March 1996

Barbeque days at Elphin, Drawing Cover
Tree Hole, Survey and Sections 13
Cueva del Milodón, Chile, Photograph 18
Extension in Bowden Hill, Survey 20
A Remarkable Cavern at Slains, Woodcut 22
Krem Maw Ramdah, Meghalaya, Photograph 25
Krem Lashing, Meghalaya, Photograph 27
Krem Soh Shympi, Meghalaya, Photograph 28
Chibe Nala Dobakol, Meghalaya, Photograph 29
Chibe Nala Dobakol, Survey 30

Volume 4 No.1 - October 1996

Ivan Young in Badger Cave, Photograph Cover
Hartfield Cave, Applecross, Elevation 6
Surface Terrain North of Ord, Skye, Map 14
Mossy Cave/Extra Ord Cave,Skye, Plan 15
Druim Pot, Assynt, Elevation 21
Slains Castle Area; Caird's, Dropping & Lum Caves, Map and Survey 28
Uamh an Claonaite 8, Survey 33
Otter Hole, Survey 37

Volume 4 No.2 - March 1997

Malcolm McConville at the Elephant Trap, Assynt, Photograph Cover
Cartoon 10
Uamh nam Breagaire, Plan 18
Lower Otter Hole, Assynt, Survey 26
Caves of the Creag nan Uamh, Combined Survey 30-31
Creag nan Uamh Bone Caves, Survey 32
Survey Deviation and Calibration, Allt nan Uamh, Diagrams 38
Molephone Survey Readings, Allt nan Uamh, Diag. 41
Book Cover: Quaternary of Assynt and Coigach, Photograph 43

Volume 4 No.3 - October 1997

Uamh nan Claig-ionn, Long Drop Cave, Appin, Photographs Cover
Laglingarten Fissure Cave, Survey 6
Caves on the Allt a'Bhealaich, Assynt, Combined Plan 13
3D cave, Applecross, Survey 16
Cartoon 27
Poll Damoclean, Assynt, Survey 30
Birthday Hole, Assynt, Survey 32
Uamh an Claonaite, Line Survey sumps 3-7 39
Northern Lights, Cnoc nan Uamh, Photograph 40
Night on the Tiles 2, Plan 41

Volume 4 No.4 - March 1998

Pete Dowswell in Streamway, Cnoc nan Uamh, Photograph Cover
AHS Cave, Argyll, Survey 10
Krem Kotsati, India, Survey 15
Cavity Near Night on the Tiles, Uamh an Claonaite, Plan 20
Night on the Tiles; Bear Bone Site, Claonaite, Plans 21
Bar Pot Entrance, 1964, Photograph 25
Cnoc nan Uamh Entrance, Photograph 25
Cave Entrance near Wabag, New Guinea, Photo. 26
Wabag Cave, New Guinea, Photograph 26
Area near Kharan Cave, Pakistan, Photograph 27
Eroded Hills, Nari Valley, Pakistan, Photograph 27
Cavers Returning from Pir Ghaib Ghara, Pakistan Photograph 28
Tony Boycott in Kharan Cave, Pakistan, Photo. 28
Cave Locations, Pakistan, Maps 30
Pir Ghab Ghara Caves Nos. 1-3, Pakistan, Survey 33
Ograha Ghat Ghara 1 and 2, Pakistan, Surveys 36

Volume 4 No.5 - October 1998

Pete Dennis Abseiling at Smoo Cave, Photograph Cover
Coille Gaireallach Woods, Skye, Map 14
Uamh an-t Iarann, Skye, Survey 15
Uamh Crioch, Skye, Survey 16a
Tony Boycott at Watershoot, Uamh an Claonaite, Photograph 18
Exit Beyond Sump 3, Uamh an Claonaite, Photo. 19
Far Side of Sump 3, Uamh an Claonaite, Photo. 19
Tony Boycott at Cascades, Uamh an Claonaite, Photo. 20
Strathkanaird Area and Strath Kanaird Pot, Diags. 23
Earthquake Sink, Assynt, Plan 24
Easter Island, Map 26
Ana te Pahu Cave, Easter Island, Survey 29
Ana Kai Tangata, Easter Island. Photograph 32
Abseiling into Smoo Cave, Durness. Photograph 33
Dave Robinson, Reindeer Cave, Assynt. Photo. 33
A.Jeffreys at Ogof Eglwis Faen, S. Wales. Photo. 34
Entrance of Rose Cave, Appin. Photograph 34
Changing at Sunset Hole, 1964. Photograph 35
Changing at Crummack Farm, Yorkshire,1968. Photograph 35
Broadford Area/Burrell Collection, Skye, Map and Survey 40
Cavers Outside Rose Cave, Appin, Photograph 42
Uamh an Rós, Appin, Survey 42a
Uamh an Claonaite 8, Survey 47
Kyle of Durness, Map 50
Uamh nan Cathan-Aodaich, Durness, Survey 51
Limestone Groups at Durness, Diagram 52
Sea caves at Durness, Sketch Surveys 53
Uamh an-t Marbh Grumach Bard, Assynt, Survey 55

Volume 5 No.1 - March 1999

Abstract Design, Drawing Cover
Breakdown Cavern Connecting Crawl, ANUS Cave, Survey 12
View over Strath Suardal & Loch Kilchrist, Photo. 13
Beinn an Dubhaich, Coille Gaireallach Woods, Map 14
Coille Gaireallach Woods, Area Map 16
Uamh Důinte, Skye, Survey 18
Uamh Briste, Skye, Survey 19
View of Coille Gaireallach Woods, Photograph 20
Coille Gaireallach Woods, Area Survey, Map 21
Cartoon 25
Bear Cave, Assynt, Plan 26
Bear Cave, Assynt, Elevation 27
Dr. Arthur Clarke at Bear Cave 1963, Photograph 33
Digging in Bear Cave, Assynt, Photograph 33
Krem Phoud, Meghalaya, Photograph 34
Krem Pynshad, Meghalaya, Photograph 34
Liz Millet and Meine ? in Cave, Meghalaya, Photo. 35
Digging in Jingling Pot, 1969, Photograph 36
Whitequarries Mine, Passage, Photograph 45
Shovel in Whitequarries Mine, Photograph 45
Ascanding Ramp in Whitequarries Mine, Photo. 46
Whitequarries Shale Mine, Surveys 47
Whitequarries Shale Mine, Surveys and Map 48
Brick from Whitequarries Mine, Photograph 49
No.1 Mine, Philpstoun, W. Lothian, Map 50
No.1 Mine, Philstoun, Survey Detail 50
Geological Section of Broxburn Shales, Diagram 51

Volume 5 No.2 - October 1999

Caver Portrait, Drawing Cover
Three Lochs Karst, Assynt, Map and Geology Diag 11
Gorm Loch Mor Caves, Assynt, Plans & Elevations 13
Gorm Loch Mor caves 4,5, Surveys 15
Cartoon 18
Sked Rescue Stretcher, Photograph 21
BSA Settle Hostel 1967, Photograph 23
Group at Entrance, Cnoc nan Uamh, Photograph 23
Whitequarries Mine Hole 5, Shaft, Photograph 24
Limonite in Whitequarries No.6 Mine, Photo. 24
Renovations in Elphin Caving Chalet, Photos 25
View of Hunter's Lodge Inn, Mendip, Photo. 26
Group at Entrance, ANUS Cave, Photograph 26
Expedition Bungalow, Meghalaya, Photograph 28
Krem Thloo Rasah, Crawl, Photograph 28
Exterior of Um Thie, Meghalaya, Photograph 29
Formations in Krem Rymbong, Meghalaya, Photo 29
Part of Philpstoun No.1 Mine, Survey 36
Fossil, Whitequarries No.1 Mine, Photograph 36
Whitequarries No.1 Shale Mine, Survey 37
Timbers in Whitequarries Hole 11, Photograph 38
Whitequaries No.1 Shale Mine, Survey 39
Formations, Whitequarries Hole 11, Photograph 40
Winch in Whitequarries No.6 Mine, Photograph 41
Whitequarries Dunnet Shale Mine, Survey 42
Philpstoun No.6 Mine, Survey 43
Effects of Bad Air in Mines, Chart 45
Effects of CO2 in Mines, Chart 46

Volume 5 No.3 - March 2000

Caver Portrait, Drawing Cover
Garleton Haematite Mine, Entrance, Photograph 13
Canal, Garleton Haematite Mine, Photograph 13
Boat on Canal, Garleton Haematite Mine, Photo 15
Garleton Haematite Mine, Elevation 16
Garleton Haematite Mine, Plan 17
Cartoon 22
Walking up Traligill, 1969, Photograph 22a
Views of Dig at Rana Hole, Assynt, Photographs 23
Passages in Ninelums Mine, Fife, Photographs 24
Tunnel in Paternkofel, Dolomites, Photograph 25
Room in Kleiner Lagazuoi Rock Tunnel, Dolomites, Photograph 25
Pisciadu Climbing Path, Dolomites, Photograph 26
View of Galleria del Castelletto, Dolomites, Photo. 28
Un-named Cave on Via Ferrata, Dolomites, Photo. 29
Grotta della Tofana, Dolomites, Plan 29
Pitch in Grotta della Tofana, Dolomites, Photo. 29
Steps in Lagazuoi Tunnel, Dolomites, Photograph 30
Lagazuoi Tunnel, Dolomites, Plan & Elevation 31
Uamh Ord Mňr, Plan and Elevation 35
Cave Obstacle Control, Chart 38
Cave Obstacle Control, Chart 39
Cartoon 39
Shetland, Geological Map 42
Shetland Dalradian Stratigraphy, Chart 43
Shetland, Limestone Outcrops, Chart 46

Volume 5 No.4 - October 2000

Cave Diver Portrait, Drawing Cover
Uamh nan Naomh Seoras, Survey 14
Uamh nan Naomh Seoras, Elevation 15
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sump 4, Survey 20
Roscobie Mine, Entrance location, plan 21
Roscobie Mine, Entrance 1 Survey 22
Roscobie Mine, Entrances 2-4, survey 22
Roscobie Mine, Entrances 5-9, survey 23
Skye and Applecross Peninsula, Map 25
Sand, Applecross, Location map 26
Sandstone Fissure at Sand, Photograph 27
Group at Bowden Hill, 1965. Photograph 31
Road Sign at PSM, Pyrenees. Photograph 32
Rescue Practice on Schiehallion.Photograph 32
Fissures at Sand, Applecross. Photographs 33
Views of Krem Mawshun, India. Photographs 34
Krem Mawshun 1, Survey 37
Krem Shrieh, Survey 38
Krem Sngad, Survey 41
Krem Wahryngo, Survey 42
Skye Caving Areas, Location Map 45
Skye, Loch Kilchrist, Location Map 46
Marble Passage Cave, Skye, Survey 48
Skye, Strath Beag, Location Map 49
Strath Beag Pot I, Survey 51
Strath Beag Pot 2, Survey 52
Skye, Strollamus Location Map 53
Strollamus Cave, Skye, Survey 55
Wood Top Resurgence Cave, Skye, Survey 57
Uamh an t-Torman, Skye, Survey 59
Creaking Death Pot, Yorkshire, Survey 62

Volume 5 No.5 - March 2001

Caver Portrait, Drawing Cover
View of St. Ninian's Cave, Wigtown. Photo. 12
Grain Earth House. Photograph 14
Entrance Shaft, Krem Risang, India. Photograph 20
Entrance Shakehole, Krem Um Thloo, India. Photo. 22
Passage in Krem Risang, India. Photograph 25
Marakoopa Cave, Tasmania. Photograph 27
Entrance to Ogof Draenen, S. Wales. Photograph 27
Entrance Shaft, St.Francis Level, Swaledale. Photograph 28
Main Drain. Krem Um Thloo, India. Photograph 28
Pitch, Krem Shynrong Labbit, India. Photograph 29
Main Drain, Krem Shynrong Labbit, India. Photo. 29
Gour Fumant, Vercors. Photograph 30
Scialete de Malaterre, Vercors. Photograph 30
Heteropoda in Krem Risang, India. Photograph 34
GSG Base Camp, Vercors. Photograph 38
Outside Bournillon, Vercors. Photograph 39
Traversing in Trou de l'Aygue, Vercors. Photo. 40
Julian in Scialet Graille, Vercors. Photograph 41
View of Mount Aiguille, Vercors. Photograph 42
Hot Air Balloons, Vercors. Photograph 43
Flint Knapping Site, Vercors. Photograph 43
Choc-ice Stal. in Grotte de la Draye Blanche, Photograph 44
The Lake in Grotte de Gournier. Photograph 44
Rigging in Gour Fumant, Vercors. Photograph 45
Gour Fumant, Rigging Guide. Diagram 46
GSG Team in the Vercors. Photograph 48

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