GSG Bulletins Illustrations Index 74-88


Volume 1 No.1						Page

4th Lake, Dab yr Ogof, Drawing				Cover
Padres Pot, Sutherland, Plan and section			10
Uamh an Tartair, Sutherland, section				13
Sketch map of Elphin						13a
Gloup of Stroma, Caithness, Map and plan			16
Louisa Antimony Mine, Dunfriesshire, section		18
Top Dig, Schiehallion. Plan and section			20
Uamh an t-Sassunnaich, Sutherland, Plan and section	24
Pol Eighe, Sutherland, Plan and section			26
Location Map, Glen Creran					30
Geology of theAppin Region, Map				31
Uamh Coire Sheileach, Argyll, Plan and section		Inset 34/35
Uamh an Mos Mointeavhail, Skye, Plan and section		40

Volume 1 No.2

Cave Passage Design. Drawing				Cover
Location map, south Kingsdale				13
Creaking Death Pot, Yorkshire, Plan and section		14
Uamh Cul Eoghainn, Sutherland, Plan and section		Inset 18/19
Top Dig, Boom Pot, Schiehallion, Plan and sections		20
Glenbain Hole, Sutherland, Plan and section			Inset 22/23
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sutherland, Sketch plan	26
Plaster Explosive Charge, section				31

Volume 1 No.3

Road at Knockan Crags, Sutherland, drawing		Cover
Otter Hole, Sutherland,Plan					12
Uamh Pol Eoghainn, Sutherland, Plan and section		Inset 16/17
Arran Caves, plans						17
Arran Caves, plans						18
Isle of Islay, map						22
Toll Radain, Sutherland, plan					23
Uamh an Claonaite, Sutherland, plan				27
Foss Rising sump, Schiehallion, section			28
Location map, Lassintullich, Perthshire			29
Cnoc nan Uamh System, Sutherland,plan			32

Volume 1 No.4

Cavers Resting, Drawing					Cover
Sketch map, Ach a'Chorrain, Sutherland			11
Uamha a'Bhriseadh-duile, Sutherland, Plan and section	16
Uamh Cailliche Peireag, Sutherland, Plan and section	21
Great Aven, Marble Steps Pot, Yorkshire, Plan		23
May Extension, Marble Steps Pot, plan			24
June Extension, Marble Steps Pot, plan			25
Lassintullich Caves 4/5, Schiehallion, Plan and section	Inset 28/29
Lassintullich Caves 4/5, Schiehallion, plan			29
Uamh Tom na Fuine, Schiehallion, plan			30
Toyland Dig, Kingsdale Master cave, Section		31
Dig in Glen Creran, Argyll, Section				33
Limestone Solution, Graph					39

Volume 1 No.5

Streamway, Uamh Ard an Achadh, Skye, Drawing		Cover
Uamh an Duin, Barra, plan					11
Laglingarten Cave, Argyll, Plan and section			12
Allt Bealachuisge, Argyll. Plan and section			12
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sutherland, Plan, section	22
Creag an Earra, Schiehallion. Location map			26
Uamh Ease Tom a Mhor Fhir, Schiehallion, plan		26
Uamh an Poll-Sneachda, Schiehallion, section		27
Los Tayos Caves, Ecuador, plan				32
Cartoon							34
Uamh nam Breagaire, Ross-shire, plan			38
Cave in Glen Creran, Argyll, plan				43
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sutherland, plan		49

Volume 2 No.1

Rupert in a Cave. Drawing					Cover
Upper Short Gill Cave, Yorkshire, plan			13
Cartoon							13
Uamh nan Claig-ionn, Argyll, Plan and section		Inset 16/17
Uamh Tom a'Mhor Fhir, Plan and section			21
Zebra Pot, Schiehallion, Plan and section			21
Uamh na Duilean Briste, Argyll. Plan and section		Inset 28/29
Uamh an Sgoltaidh Fhada, Argyll, Plan and section		Between 29/30
Uamh a'Bhruthaich Chais Fhada, Argyll, Plan and section	Between 29/30
Uamh Rainseach, Argyll, Plan and section			30
Uamh nan Guthan, Argyll, plan				30
Uamh an Tobair Dhuibh, Argyll, Plan and section		30
Uamh Steal na Burich, Argyll, Plan and section		32
Glen Stockdale, map						34
Cave of Glenstockdale, Argyll, Plan and section		36
Cave of the Heifer's Outwash, Argyll, plan			38
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Sutherland, plan		Inset 46/47
Tyning's Barrow Swallet, Somerset, Plan and section	Inset 54/55

Volume 2 No.2

David Copperfield in the Caving Shoppe. Drawing		Cover
Cave of Ben Donich, section [false]				12
Ammo box Bolt Fixing. Diagram				14
Natural Arch Series. Plan and section				16
Fish Hooks Cave, Argyll. Section				16
Uamh Rainseach, Argyll, Plan and section			17
Suunto Survey Unit Bracket, Diagram			25
Tripod-Mounted Suunto Survey Unit, Diagrams		27
Corporal Punishment Crawl, ANUS Cave, Sutherland, Plan	30
Survey leg Co-ordinate System and Survey Data, Diagrams	35
HP25 and 55 Surveying Programmes, Diagrams		36

Volume 2 No.3

CRO Man Climbing Pitch. Drawing				Cover
Black Shiver Pot North Chamber Inlet Aven. Plan,section	13
Nicad Connector Assembly and Charging Circuit. Diagram	16
Cartoon							27
Beinn an Dubhaich Cave, plane				33
Vampire Cave, Skye, Plan and section			33
Boulder Cave, Skye. Plan					33
Frustration Pot, Skye, Plan and section			34
Ben Suardal, Map						34
Torrin Area, Skye, Map					35
Uamh Rainseach, Argyll, Plan and section			37
Through Cave III, Argyll, Plan and section			38
Uamh nan Claig-ionn, Steal na Burich Sumps, plans		40
Claon Uamh, Argyll, Plan and section				41
Mole Hole, section						45
Uamh Ard, Sutherland, plan					49
Uamh Ard, Sutherland, section				50
Killean Sea Caves, plans					52
Islay Sea Caves, plans						55
Uamh Allt nan Allallaidh, Islay,plan				58
Killenan River Cave, Islay, plan				58
Mulreesh Lead Mine, Islay, plan				58

Volume 2 No.4

Alice and The White Knight. Drawing			Cover
Ach a'Chorrain Cave 1. Plan					10
The Grosset Box, diagram					19
Rappel Rack, Diagrams					19a
Mitchell System of SRT, Diagram				20
Rope Re-belay, Diagram					21
Sell Gill Sump, plan						22
Cartoon							26
Lamp Charger, Circuit Diagram				30
Goblin's Cave, plan						31
Five Views of the Holloch, Switzerland, Photos.		34

Volume 2 No.5

Recruiting Grampian Members, Drawing			Cover
Bayonet Rift, Uamh Cul Eoghainn, plan			12
Archibald Campbell, Earl of Argyll, Woodcut		16
Area of Loch Eck, Argyll, map				17
Paper Cave, Argyll, plan and section				18
Rhinolophus Ferrumquinum. Drawing			21
Rescue Rig, Uamh nan Claig-ionn, Drawings			25
Rescue Rig, Uamh nan Claig-ionn, Drawings			26
Gortencorn Caves, Location map				32
Uamh an Claonaite, Sutherland, plan				39

Volume 3 No.1

Divers at Sump 1, Uamh an Claonaite, Drawing		Cover
Cartoon							3
Frustration Hole, Skye, Plan and section			10
Skulamus Cave. Caves of Coille Gaireallach, plans		15
Easter Bunny Cave, Sutherland, plan and section		19
Dumfriesshire. Map						24
Uaigh Mhic Ghil Andreis, plans				28
Uamh nam Breagaire area map (with insets)			33
Lime Kiln Cave, Applecross, plan				34
Applecross Location Sketch					 35
Cartoon Strip (full page)					38
Uamh nan Meall a'Chaoruim Ice Cave, plan			40
Ockle Pot etc., Ardnamurchan, Plan and section		43
Infinite Improbability Inlet, Viaduct Series, Uamh an
	Claonaite. Plans and sections				49
Uamh an Claonaite, Sutherland, plan				51
Allt nan Uamh Valley with caves superimposed. Map	53
Newbiggin Mine, Fife. Geological Section			54
Limestone Mining Techniques. Two Diagrams		55
Limestone Drilling Techniques. Six Diagrams		56
Ninelums, Fife. Area Map with Diagrams			57
Limestone Mine, roof collapse. Two Diagrams		58
Newbiggin Mine, Surface area map				59
Tunnel Excavation in Newbiggin. Two Diagrams		60
Newbigging Mine, Fife, plan					61

Volume 3 No.2

Court Cave, East Wemyss (plus cave carvings)		Covr
Hawaii, Location map of Lava Tunnels			Inset 10/11
East Wemyss, Fife. Location Map				23
Court Cave, Doo Cave, Well Cave, Fife, plans		Inset 26/27
Buckhaven Well Cave, Jonathan's Cave, Sliding Cave,
	Fife, plans						27
East Wemyss Cave Excavations. Two floor sections		29
Lesotho Cave Paintings, Drawings				34
Poll an Neach di-Chuimhnichte, Plan and section		39
Upper Slant Cave, Allt nan Pairte Rising, Quaddy Hole,
	Skye, Plans, sections					45

Volume 3 No.3

Mulreesh Lead Mine, Islay. Shaft. Drawing			Cover
Uamh nan Easgann, Skye, Plan and section			11
Ach a'Chorrain map: Uamh as Eugmhais Crioch,Plan	12
Meregill Hole, Yorkshire, Sketch of Aven			18
Mull, area plans; McKinnon's Cave, plan; Eigg, map		21
Islay, area map and location map				22
Islay Sea Caves, plans						25
Islay Sea Caves, Mulreesh Lead Mine, Plans and sections	26
Raasay Fissure Caves, plans					34
Soda Crystals, explanatory Diagrams				37
Loch Laggan Area map; Uamh nan Sgriob Fhada, Plan,
	section							39
St. Fillan's Cave, Fife, plan					40

Volume 3 No4.

The Grotto, Cnoc nan Uamh (+ equation) Drawing		Cover
Uamh nan Claig-ionn extension, Argus Cave, Uamh
	Sgoltaich Fhada III, Plans and sections		19
Sea Caves of Sandside Head, Caithness. Plans		20

Volume 3 No.5

Anniversary Design. Club Tigers. Drawing			Cover
Passage at Wet Rot Inlet, Uamh an Claonaite, plan		10
Uamh an Claonaite III, streamway. Plan			29
Uamh nam Breagaire, Applecross, Plan			31
Breakish Caves, Skye. Plan and section			32
Muasdale Cave, Plan and location diagram			35
Uamh Amadan Caves Near Ord, Skye, Area map, plan	37

Volume 4 No.1

Sterling Efforts by the SCRO.  Woodcut			Cover
Area Maps, Yugoslavia					13
Survey of Postnojna, Yugoslavia				14
Craigiehowe Cave, Black Isle, Survey			33
Limestones of the UK, Lower Carboniferous. Map		39
Limestones of the UK, Cambrian. Map			39
Limestones of the UK, Jurassic. Map				40
Limestones of the UK, Devonian.  Map			40
Plant Species in Cnoc nan Uamh. Chart			52
Plant Species in Uamh an Tartair. Chart			54
Plant Species in Uamh an Tartair. Chart			55
Survey of Species Distribution. Graph			56

Volume 4 No.2

Fingal's Cave, Woodcut					Cover
Knockan Pot, Sutherland. Extensions survey			11
Tillson's Dig, Sutherland, Plan and section			12
Strathnaven. 1744 Maps					20
Moll 1725. Map						23
Part of O.S. Sheet VI.5 1874. Map				24
Friendly Adder Pot; Dry Rising Cave; Slot Resurgence;
	Surveys						31
Wilson's Cave; Raspberry Pot; Tadpole Resurgence, High
	Glasscnock Cave. Surveys				32

Volume 4 No.3

Victorian Mining Miscellany. 7 Woodcuts			Cover
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Survey				9
Show Caves in France, Location map				10
Tunnel at Vicar's Bridge, survey				19
Raised Sea Caves at Carsaig Bay. Map, survey		21
Sea Caves at Loch Buie, Map, surveys			22
Cavern in Glen Croe. Copy of etching			25
Irish Folk Tunes, Melody Lines				26

Volume 4 No.4.

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, Woodcut				Cover
Dundiggin Hole, Argyll, survey				21
Snake Pit, Magnum Pot, Argyll, surveys, sections		22
Loch Valigan Shakehole Cave; Watership Down Series;	
	surveys						27
Chamber Pot, Argyll, survey					28
Melloch Mine Cave, Area map, Surveys			Inset 32/33
Vicar's Bridge Mine, survey					Inset 32/33
Uamh an Claonaite, Extension survey				34

Volume 4 No.5

The Penitent. Woodcut					Cover
Cave Surveying. 11 diagrams , 1 table			17-20
Lismorahaun House Cave, Co. Clare, Survey, map		24
Crossword							30
Snake Pit, survey						35
Clearmidge Hole, Survey, section				36

Volume 5 No.1

Cavernicolous pseudoscorpion Neobisium tuzeti. Drawing	Cover
The Pavilion End, Chamber Pot, Argyll, survey		10
Hirta, Soay, Boreray, St. Kilda. Maps			17
The Caves of Cong. Music					18
Birkhill Fireclay Mine. Survey					25
Birkhill Fireclay Workings, Map/survey			26

Volume 5 No.2

Tinaz-Hohle, Turkey. Drawing				Cover
Traligill Drainage Routes, Map				17
Traligill Drainage Routes, Graph				18
Cnoc nan Uamh System,. Survey				19
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Survey, section			20
Self Starting Syphon: Arrangement, diagrams		26
Crossword Solution						Back Cover
Cartoon							Back Cover

Volume 5 No.3

Totes Hund Hohle, Turkey. Drawing				Cover
Ganavan Bay Cave 3. Survey					10
Schloch Maddie Cave, woodcut				17
Skulamus Area, Skye, map					21
Breakish Caves, Skye, Survey					22
Canyon Extension, Poll Seomar, section			29
Fly Plague Hole, Argyll, Plan and section			30

Volume 5 No.4

La Grotte de Clamouse, France, Drawing			Cover
Uamh Cuimhne Caillte. Survey				13
Uamh na Sgoltaidh Dhuibhe, Plan and section		14
Uamh na Sgoltaidh Dhuibhe Rising, Plan and section		16
Smoo Cave, Survey						19
Kera Spiliosta, Crete. Plan and area map			21
Model Digging Boat, diagram					27
Cartoon							33
Chamber Pot, Plan and section				34

Volume 5 No.5

Cave Drawing							Cover
Uamh Sgoltaidh Dhuibhe Rising Sink, Survey		12
Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave, Survey				16
Thunderghast Falls Area, survey				19
Lifelining Techniques, Diagrams				28
Ulva Cave, Ulva; Survey and map				32
Lower Traligill Cave, Survey of sump			36

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