GSG Bulletins Illustrations Index 63-74


Volume 1 No.2								Page
Fordel Mine, survey and Sections					After page 12
Stalactites in Fordel Mine, photograph				5

Volume 1 No.3
Anaconda Crawl, Fordel, Survey					4
Jeanie Barrie's Cave, Survey						7
Stygian Way, Fordel. Photograph					5

Volume 1 No.4
Jeanie Barrie's Cave, Survey						After page 2
Mossdale Caverns, Survey						After page 7

Volume 1 No.5
Lamb Leer cavern, Survey						After page 14
Rope Ladder Construction, diagrams					After page 14
Direction Symbols							10
Meeting in Deacon Brodies Tavern, Photograph			After page 6
Ladder Pitch, Burdiehouse Mine, Photograph			After page 6

Volume 2 No.1
Hilderston Silver Mine, Survey					4
Alva Silver Mine, Survey and Topography				9
Cripples Canyon, Sutherland, Survey					16
Bar Pot, 100ft Shaft. Photograph					Inset 20/21

Volume 2 No.2
Mary Taylor's Mine, Linlithgow, Survey				16
Easter Carribar Mine, Linlithgow, Survey				16
West Glencrieff North Mine, Wanlockhead, Survey			18

Volume 2 No.3
Shaw's Mine, Falkirk, Survey						14
Swildon's Hole, Mendip, Survey					15

Volume 2 No.4
Garelton Iron Ore Mine, Haddington, Survey			6
Bowden Hill Mine, Lilithgow, Survey				Inset 6/7
Straiton Shale Mine, Edinburgh, Survey				10

Volume 2 No.5
Bar Pot, the Entrance, Photograph					Inset 10/12
Goyden Pot, Manchester Hole, Extensions Surveys			22
Cartoon								23

Volume 3 No.1
Claremont Cave, Great Cumbrae, Survey				6
Wilson's Cave, Ullapool, Survey/section				Inset 10/11
Elphin Hole, Sutherland, Survey/section				15
Little Meregill Hole, Survey						18
Knockan Pot, Sutherland, Survey/section				23

Volume 3 No.2
Dig in Sutherland, Photograph					Cover
Calcite Cave, Sutherland, Survey/section				8
Wire Ladder Construction, Diagrams					18,19
Cartoon								19

Volume 3 No.3
Barrel Falls, Ninelums Mine, Fife, Drawing				Cover
Uamh Pol Eoghainn, Sutherland, Survey				9
Cartoon								15
Gingling Hole, Sutherland						18
Smoo Cave, Sutherland, Survey					24

Volume 3 No.4
Moon Traverse, Bowden Hill Mine, Photograph			Cover
Firehose Cave, Sutherland, Survey/section				9
Ahnenschacht, Austria, Section					11
Cartoon								14
Map of Elphin								15
Uamh Cul Eoghainn, Sutherland, Survey				17
Bowden Hill Mine, Octopus Series, Survey				24
Cartoon								27

Volume 3 No.5
Rift Pot, Yorkshire, Entrance Shaft, Drawing			Cover
Cambussbarron Mine, Stirling, Section,Survey			12
Carol at Rift Pot; 40ft Shaft, Ninelums Mine. Photographs		17
Cartoon								18
Map of Elphin								19
Knockan Rising, Survey/section					23

Volume 4 No.1
Cartoon								Cover
Allt nan Uamh Sumps, Sections					9
Quaking Pot, Yorkshire, Survey					12
New Series, Hilderston Silver Mine, Survey				Inset 14/15
Upstream Sumps, Bowden Hill Mine, Survy/section			Inset 14/15
Lifelining, Classical System, Drawing					16
Lifelining, Modified Tarbuck System, Drawing			17
Barghs Pot, Yorkshire, sketch survey/section				24
Terminal sump, Firehose Cave, Sutherland, Survey			27
Great Cave, Piper's Cave, Kintyre, Surveys				31
Piper's Cave, Beinn Gullion, Kintyre, Survey				33

Volume 4 No.2
120ft Pitch to Cave, Fastcastle, Berwickshire, Photograph		Cover
New Way Down Jingling Pot, sketch section				9
Allt a'Chalda Mor Stream Cave,Sutherland, Survey/sections		12
Pool Cave, Sutherland,Survey						15
Cartoon								16
Sumps, Cuil Dhubh, plan, sections					24
Cuil Dhubhm Dry Entrance, Survey/section				25
Sump, Uamh an Claonaite, sketch surveys				27
Sump, Cnoc nan Uamh, sketch section				28
Cartoon								29
Sea Caves, Eriboll, sketch surveys					32,33,35

Volume 4 No.3
View from Tantallon Cave, Drawing					Cover
Priddy Green Sink, Section						12
Sump, Cnoc nan Uamh, section					13
Samuel's Cave, Glen Nevis, sketch survey				14
Two Caves Near Alston, sketch surveys				18
Foss Rising, Survey							21
Foss Cave II, Survey							23
Foss Cave IV, Survey							24
Foss Cave V, Survey							25
Uamh Tom a Mhor Fhir, sketch survey				26
Foss Cave I, Survey							27
Water Tracing in Inchnadamph Area, Sketch Map			35
Lycopodium Spore Diagram, Sutherland				36

Volume 4 No.4
Uamh Cul Eoghainn, Sutherland, Survey				Cover
Blar nam Fiadhag Pot, Sutherland, Sectio				11
Prisoner's Passage, Gaping Gill, Section				15
Water Tracing, Schiehallion, sketch map				21
Aven, Cnoc nan Uamh, sketch survey/section			25
North Passage Extension, Pate Hole, survey				28
Cartoon								35

Volume 4 No.5
Waterslide, Cnoc nan Uamh, Photograph				Cover
Cnoc nan Uamh, extension, sketch survey				7
Gauber Pot, Yorkshire, Survey/section				10
Cold Water Cave, Sutherland, Survey				14
Fissure Cave, Raasay, Survey						24
Raasay, location map							25
Cartoon								28

Volume 5 No.1
Passage in Jingling Pot, Kingsdale, Drawing				Cover
Map of Druim na Doire Dhubh					11
Betula Hole, Sutherland, Survey/section				12
Sar-ab Cave, Iran, Survey						16
Top Dig Cave, Schiehallion, Survey/section				19
Cueva del Agua, Spain, Survey					22
Cueva del los Tiestos, Spain, Survey					23
Tree Hole, Sutherland, Survey					24
St. Kilda, Map								30
Sea Caves on St. Kilda, Surveys					31

Volume 5 No.2
Foss Cave 5, Survey							Cover
Stream Passage, Fordel Mine, Photograph				Cover
Pint Pot, Yorkshire, Survey						12
Ledbeg Cave, Sutherland, Survey					13
Lower Otter Hole, Sutherland, Survey				17
Batty Cave, Yorkshire, Survey					21
Cave Sites in Ach a'Chorrain, map					23
Tuonela Cave, Schiehallion, Survey					25
Smoo Cave, Development stages, diagrams				30

Volume 5 No.3
Column Hall, Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, Drawing				Cover
Jack Scar Cave extension, Survey					14
Uamh an Claonaite sump, Survey					19
Lower Traligill Cave, Survey						22
Uamh Pol Eoghainn Cascade, diagram				26
Foss Cave 2, New Entrance, Survey					27

Volume 5 No.4
Stylised Cave Passage, Drawing					Cover
Lockhole Cave, Lassintullich, Survey					11
Lassintullich Cave, Survey						13
U-Boat, Lasintullich, Survey						15
Club Badge, Drawing							16
Skeleton Cave, Skye, Survey						19
Ivy Hole, Skye, Survey						21
Hell Hole, Skye, Survey						22
Chert Rift Cave, Skye, Survey					24
High Pasture Cave, Skye, Survey					25
Collie Gaireallach, Skye, Annotated Map				29

Volume 5 No.5
Cascade, Uamh Pol Eoghainn, Drawing				Cover
Beechbarrow Chamber, Cnoc nan Uamh, Survey			12
Sar-ab Cave, Iran, Survey						Inset 16/17
Piper's Cave, Douglas Hall, Survey					23
Cold Water Cave, Sutherland, Survey				25
Caves in Glen Creran, Map, Surveys					30
Ali Sard Cave, Iran, Survey						32

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