GSG Bulletins Author Index 1989-2001

Anon The Quaternary of Assynt and Coigach [Advert] 4(2)43
Baird, Bill The Garleton Haematite Mine 5(3)13
Biddle, Roger The Caving Songs of Mendip 1(4)6
Birch, Steve Exploration of the Coille Gaireallach Woods, Isle of Skye - Update 5(1)13
New Discoveries on the Isle of Skye 5(4)45
Recent Work in the Coille Gaireallach Woods, Isle of Skye 4(5)12
Sandstone Fissures on the Applecross Peninsula, Wester Ross 5(4)25
Brooks, Simon Cave Exploring in the State of Meghalaya, North-east India 3(5)24
Claonaite - and Other Dives 4(3)36
Dive Reports, Scotland 5(4)18
Sutherland Dive Reports 4(5)45; 5(3)36
Uamh an't Marbh Grumach Bard 4(5)54
& A. Jeffreys, I. Young, M.O'Driscoll The Discovery of Claonaite Seven 3(4)32
The Discovery of Claonaite Eight 4(1)32
Dive Report 4(1)34
& B. Phipps Scotland - Late May Bank Holiday 1(2)28
Uamh an Tartair, Knockan 1(2)25
Brown, Nikki Letter From Romania 4(3)21
Cambrian Caving Council Porth yr Ogof 2(4)14
Chard, Jane & E. Ellis Here be Fungi 1(2)13
Coventry, Colin News From the North (Durness) 5(2)14
Crae, John Caves, Cairns, Tunnels, Passages & Pits (1) 5(5)9
Dennis, Peter Small Holes in Remote Places -1 5(2)17
Small Holes in Remote Places -2 5(3)33
Dowswell, Peter Dicking About in the Desert, Or Never Mind The Kalashnikov, What About the Pomegranate Stains? 4(4)29
& I. Young Dolomites 1999 5(3)26
Meghalaya 2000 5(4)28
Ducea, Mihai Caving in Roumania 1(5)14
Duke, Kevin The Day I Nearly Went Cave Diving But Froze My Balls Off Instead 2(3)21
Dunlop, Gair Laglingarten Fissure Cave 4(3)6
Ellis, Elizabeth Biochemistry For Cavers 3(1)14
& D. Jamieson, M. McConville The Discovery of the Caves of Glen Duror 2(1)15
Fungal Control 2(1)31
& D.Jamieson, P. Stacey GSG Expedition - Pyrenees 1990 1(4)16
Grampian's New Field Hut in Elphin 1(5)10
& J. Chard Here Be Fungi 1(2)13
How To Stay Dry on Wet Pitches 1(5)6
Faulkner, Trevor Many Dolines Near Loch Loch 4(3)17
Metamorphic Limestones in Shetland 5(3)40
Galloway, Roger Limestone Mines of Harburnhead Hill 5(3)6
Meet Note: Glasscnock Cave, Ross-shire 3(2)10
Gibbs, Tony Uamh an't Marbh Grumach Bard 2(5)5
Glanvill, Peter Assynt Antics 2(1)27
Assynt Descents 4(1)22
Assynt - The Big One 3(2)11
Elphin Epics 2(5)26
A Fortean Experience in Assynt 4(3)23
Much Wittering on the Moors 5(2)32
Scotland 98 - The B(e)are Bones Version 4(5)17
Glen, Eric My Early Memoirs, By Jove 2(5)9
Rescue at Meregill 1(1)10
Grindley, Dick An American Cave Note 3(2)26
Chilly? Chilli? - or Chile? 3(5)17
Easter Island 4(5)25
It's a Small World 3(3)28
The Scottish Cave Database, Version 1.01 5(4)17
Some New Zealand Ramblings 3(3)16
[Grindley, Dick] Meet Note, Nun's cave, Mull 4(5)44
Meet Note: Whisky Cave, Mull 4(5)38
Harley, Austin How To Get Down and Out 1(4)25
Just Another Day in Appin? 1(2)16
Letting The Side Down in Sardinia! 1(3)20
Harries, D. Krem Shynrong Labbit. A Biological Survey 5(5)33
(Harries, D. wrongly attr. to Peter Ireson) Roscobie Quarry and Blue Limestone Mine 5(4)21
Hayes, Martin The Burrell Collection, Skye 4(5)39
Flood Pulses in the Traligill Basin 4(3)12
Limestone Features North of Ord, Isle of Skye 4(1)13
Something To Do on a Wet Day in Skye 1(1)34
& A. Jeffreys A Sutherland Miscellany 3(4)15
Holliday, Joe The Diccan-Alum Exchange 2(4)7
Hopwood, K. & A. Jeffreys 3D Cave, Applecross 4(3)15
Howes, Chris Photographic Conservation for Cavers 2(3)12
Hoy, Janet A Trip Down ANUS 4(3)19
Hoy, Raymond The Waterslide 4(2)14
(Ireson, Peter. Should read 'Harries, D'.) Roscobie Quarry and Blue Limestone Mine 5(4)21
Janossy, Kate Cathedral School Meghalaya Expedition 5(2)27
Jarratt, Tony Birthday Hole - Wok Happened in May 4(3)31
Dragon Hole, Perthshire 4(5)6
Holiday Digging in Assynt 2(1)12
The Rana Hole Saga 5(3)18
Recent Discoveries at Uamha a'Bhrisdeadh-Duile and Tree Hole 2(5)16
& M.T. Mills More About a Remarkable Cavern at Stains, Aberdeenshire 3(5)21
A Remarkable Cavern 3(4)11
Sutherland Logbook 1(4)34
Jamieson, Derek & M. McConville, E.Ellis The Discovery of the Caves of Glen Duror 2(1)15
& P. Stacey, E. Ellis GSG Expedition - Pyrenees 1990 1(4)16
'J.C.P.' The Great Cave 3(1)18
Jeffreys, Alan L. Address to A.N.U.S. Cave 1(1)20
Another Night on the Tiles 4(4)19
Another Small Cave in Appin 4(4)9
Assynt Sump Index: Corrections and Additions 3(2)6
Bowden hill - A Retrospective 3(3)29
Burrowing Under Brunstane 1(2)11
Cave(in) of the Deep Depression 2(5)21
Cave Rescue 5(1)32
Cave Rescue Practice (at the Waterslide) 4(1)10
Claonaite 5 and 6: A Topographical Discussion 2(4)25
Claonaite 7 - It's Getting Personal! 3(5)32
& R. Roberts Cnoc nan Uamh, A Re-establishment of Monarchy 3(2)23
Corporate Logoism 3(1)26
The Descent Caver's Handbook [Review] 3(3)19
The Descent of K9 1(4)15
& S. Brooks, I. Young, M.O'Driscoll The Discovery of Claonaite Seven 3(4)32
D'Ye Ken Yon Spiel? (Song) 1(3)32
Draught Caledonian - The Bitter End 3(4)17
The Draught in Caledonian 5(2)16
Evolution at ANUS 5(2)22
Expanding Cul Eoghainn 1(5)33
Further Up A.N.U.S.(Without an Enema) 5(1)11
The Goon Song 1(2)15
& I. Young A Grampian Hit on Durness 4(5)49
Haunting at Duror? 3(3)7
Heidbanger Hole - A Description 1(4)10
Hilderston 5(4)10
A Hint of Decadence 1(3)13
Hut Update 2(3)15
Index to Ayrshire Spelaeological Society Newsletters 1968-1970 4(3)47
Index to Caving International 4(4)39
Index to Northern Caving 4(5)56
Index to the Glasgow Spelaeological Society Journals 1964-79 4(2)44
Index to the Glasgow Spelaeological Society Newsletters 1964-1979 4(3)41
Index to the Speleologist 1953-1957 5(1)53
Index to the Speleologist 1965-1969 4(3)48
The Journal of Scottish Speleology 4(2)58
Kahf el Sahm el Azrak 2(1)8
Kahf el Sahm el Azrak - Again 3(3)12
Making More of Assynt [Review] 3(4)7
Meet Note: Druim Pot 4(1)21
Meghalaya 2001 5(5)17
The Mitchelin Guide to Claonaite 4-6 4(2)11
A Morrison Orison 2(4)13
My Old Club (Song) 1(2)22
A New Hole at ANUS 3(2)15
Note: Cave Librarian's Group 4(3)35
The Paisley Troglodytes Club, An Historical Note 4(5)10
Poll na Damoclean - The State of Play 4(3)28
Return to Thebes - A Dry Discourse 2(2)16
A Revised Assynt Sump Index 3(1)19
The Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation 4(5)31
SCRO Practice: Uamh an Claonaite 1(4)32
Some Impressions of Claonaite in Flood 5(1)23
Some Lost caves of Sutherland 5(3)9
Some More Work in Bowden Hill 3(5)19
A Strange Device [Review] 3(5)23
Stretchers 5(2)19
& M. Hayes A Sutherland Miscellany 3(4)15
The (Severed) Thurso Connection 1(2)7
Thirty Something 2(1)32
& K. Hopwood 3D Cave, Applecross 4(3)15
The Treen Scene-A Window of Opporchancity in Claonaite 2(3)22
They Words, They Words [Review] 2(5)10
Tiger Balmy Passage, Bowden Hill 3(4)27
Troglathon '91 2(2)11
Uamh an Coire Domhain 2(4)15
[& A. Ogilvie] Uamh Ord Mr 5(3)34
Upper ANUS Cave 4 -A Far-Fetched Proposition 2(3)10
& P. Stacey The Upper Claonaite Valley 1(3)14
Vale: Pete Reid 3(3)11
Where Do You Go To, My Lovely [Song] 3(4)14
Words Can Paint a Thousand Pictures 4(4)22
[Jeffreys, Alan L.] Casterton Fell Access 1(4)33
Early Scottish Cave Records 4(2)6
Elphin Caving Chalet 3(3)20
Elphin Chalet 2(4)8; 3(4)26
A Lost Cave in Edinburgh 1(1)19
New Path in the Allt nan Uamh Valley 3(1)6
A Scottish Cave Register 4(4)6
Smoo Cave, Durness 5(5)37
Some Recent Cave Accident Incidents 4(3)21
Subterranea Britannica 1(3)11
Sutherland Hostel 2(2)15
Underground Secrets of Calton Hill 3(1)12
Vale: Ken Pearce 2(2)8
Jones, Colin Finally The Rift in Glen Nevis 2(2)14
Resolving Conflicts Between Recreation And Conservation in Scotland 2(4)21
Jones, Nick Gouffre Berger 1990 1(5)11
Langlands, John Into Africa 1(2)10
Lawson, Tim & I. Young Bone Caves 4(2)27
The Excavation of Bear Cave (1960-63) And Its Significance 5(1)24
Flooding in the Upper Traligill Basin 2(5)23
Lindsay, Bill Some Applecross Notes 4(5)9
McConville, Malcolm & D. Jamieson, E. Ellis The Discovery of the Caves of Glen Duror 2(1)15
Video Nasty ( Photography Nastier) 1(3)12
MacKenzie, Fraser Cave Radio in Assynt 1(2)25
MacNab, Peter [as 'Snab'] Goon's Forty Year Song 5(1)22
MacPherson, Alisdair Wanderings in Appin - The Untold Story 1(1)11
Marsh, Norman A Cat-ionary Tale 2(5)19
Mehew, Robert D. The Radon 'Problem': Some Thoughts on The Scottish Scene 1(2)18
Some Wanderings - 10 Or More Years Ago 1(4)23
Millet, Liz Meghalaya, India. A Diary 5(1)28
Mills, Martin T. Book Review: The Book of Priddy 5(5)8
Choice Extract No.14 1(1)21
First Scottish Cave Fatalities 1(5)14
Midge Alert Update 4(2)13
& T. Jarratt More About a Remarkable Cavern at Stains, Aberdeenshire 3(5)21
Some Alternative Views on the caves of Staffa From 1885 4(1)17
Stunning Slovakia 3(1)28
Update to Bibliography of Articles of Speleological Interest in the Scots Magazine 3(2)16
A Visit to the Most Famous But Least Visited cave in the World 3(1)9
Minty, Elspeth The E-Mail File 3(1)25
More Facts to Amaze Your Friends at Parties 3(2)25
Mulholland, Peter New Discoveries in Cnoc nan Uamh 3(2)19
Murphy, Norman D.H. Traligill. Retrospective From an Old Fat Bugger 3(4)19
O'Driscoll, Michael & A. Jeffreys, S. Brooks, I. Young The Discovery of Claonaite Seven 3(4)32
I Can Feel a XXXX Coming On 2(3)16
Ogilivie, Andrew Meet Note: Cave on A'Chrois, Arrochar 5(1)10
[Ogilvie, Andrew] & A. Jeffreys Uamh Ord Mr 5(3)34
Peggie, S. Basic First Aid 5(1)40
Phipps, Brian & S. Brooks Scotland - Late May Bank Holiday 1(2)28
Quinn, Andy & N. Robertson Raasay 1990 and 1992 2(3)25
Roberts, Robbie & A.L. Jeffreys Cnoc nan Uamh,A Re-establishment of Monarchy 3(2)23
Robertson, J.E.Y. Opinions 4(3)10
Robertson, Nigel Boxhead Pot 3(4)13
Bulletin Quotes 1(1)9
The Caves of Raasay 2(3)29
Incident at Rowten Pot, Yorkshire 1(3)9
Raasay - The Diary 1(3)25
& A. Quinn Raasay 1990 and 1992 2(3)25
Et al Report on the British cave Rescue Council Conference, July 1989 1(2)32
La Traversee Trois betas-Grotte de la Diau 2(4)9
Robertson, Scott Dalmahoy Cavity 1(4)14
Torduff Tunnel 2(1)25
Two New Small Holes in the Traligill Valley 1(5)9
Sainty, Dave OSL Dating of Cave Sediments 4(1)30
Salvona, James Caves Be Where You Find Them 2(3)18
Cavity on Mt. Galatzo, Majorca 5(1)7
Glen Sannox Barytes Mine, Arran 1(5)8
Glenfintaig Cave 1(4)9
Hartfield Cave, Applecross 4(1)6
A Holiday From Caving on Gran Canaria 3(5)6
Is There a Cave on Moncrieff Hill? 2(3)25
Johnie Boy 4(2)57
Lochanburn Caves 2(4)5
Meet Note: Gryps Cave, Angus 5(2)15
Meet Report: Applecross-Cave of the Liar 2(3)6
A Potential New Caving Area? 2(2)9
Raasay Iron Mine 2(1)26
A Resurgence of Interest 2(3)21
SCRO Hat Trick 2(1)6
Uaghlamaich 5(3)8
[Salvona, James] Corrie's Cave, Inverness-shire 1(5)19
Sandford, Estelle Caving in the Abode of the Clouds. Meghalaya 1997 4(4)11
Scotland 98 - The Alternative Report From The Logbook 4(5)22
Simpson, Fraser Uamh nan Claig-ionn 1 Fife Team 0 4(3)33
Stacey, Paul & E. Ellis, D. Jamieson GSG Expedition - Pyrenees 1990 1(4)16
Hotmates 2(2)12
King Pot 2(2)18
Matienzo '93 3(2)27
Matienzo, Easter '94 3(4)29
& A.L. Jeffreys The Upper Claonaite Valley 1(3)14
Stewart, Malcolm Dive Reports, Sutherland 1(1)6
Dive Reports 1(4)31
[Styles, David] Angry Page 3(1)17
Doing It With Styles 3(1)13
Taylor, Michael R. Huge Natural Crystals Found in Cave 5(5)16
Tarrant, Paul The Rupt de Puits 3(4)21
Taviner, Rob Inclined Rift Cave 2(5)7
Just Another Swift Half 3(5)11
One Thousand Litres Downed 4(2)19
Return to the Three Lochs Karst 5(4)11
The Three Lochs Karst 5(2)10
Traligill. A Re-Appraisal of Speleological Potential 2(5)30
Uamh Cul Eoghainn 2(5)13
Thomson, Lindsay Being an Account of Straiton Shale Mine etc 4(1)11
A Record and Intrepid Descent of Swildons Hole etc. 2(4)23
Tillson, John Creaking Death Pot 5(4)60
Varty, John Obstacle Control 5(3)37
Walford, Julian Further Progress in ANUSC - 1988 1(1)25
Waude, Ian An Extension to Uamh nam Breagaire 4(2)17
Whately, Archbishop Dirge on Professor Buckland 5(2)22
Williams, Nick Texas! 3(3)21
Williams, Paul & I. Young Rose Cave, Glen Salachan, Appin 4(5)41
Young, Ivan Bad Air in Lothian Oil Shale Mines 5(2)45
& T. Lawson Bone Caves 4(2)27
The British Isles' Highest Cave 1(5)15
A Captivated Caver 1(2)31
The Caves of the Creag nan Uamh - Part 1 4(1)35
Creag nan Uamh Area Cave Survey 4(2)36
& S. Brooks, A. Jeffreys, M. O'Driscoll The Discovery of Claonaite Seven 3(4)32
& P. Dowswell Dolomites 1999 5(3)26
& A. Jeffreys A Grampian Hit on Durness 4(5)49
The Half-Life of a Caver 1(3)21
Hypothermia and the Little Dragon 5(1)32
The Lost Cave of Slains 4(1)27
Lower Otter Hole 4(2)25
Obituary: Iain and Liz Ogston 2(3)9
& P. Williams Rose Cave, Glen Salachan, Appin 4(5)41
SCRO Practice - Bowden Hill 1(3)30
SCRO Practice Search - Bowden Hill Mine 1(1)27
Searching Underground Mazes - The Paper-Chase Method 1(1)31
Surface to Underground Radio Communications 1(2)26
Two Mines Beside Loch Tay 1(4)27
Uamh an Sgoltaich Fhada III 1(1)22
Vercors 2000 5(5)38
Whitequarries Shale Mine 5(1)44
Whitequarries Shale Mine -Part II 5(2)36
Yuill, Jackie Fife and Kinross - An Underground Gazetteer 1(5)20

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