GSG Bulletins Author Index 74-88


Anon (as 'Sir Percival
	    Stalbasher')		Letter to the Editor				3(4)33
Batstone, Chris		A Suunto Survey Unit and Comments 
				on Refurbishing				2(2)23
Biddle, Roger			Chris Watson					3(2)9
				From the Log-book - 20 Years Ago		5(2)13
Boycott, Tony & A.L.Jeffreys	An Extension to the Cnoc nan Uamh System	1(3)30
Brandon, Roger		Toyland Dig, K.M.C.				1(4)31
				Uamh an Eugmais Crioch, Ach a'Chorrain	3(3)13
Brown, Ian			A Background Guide to Newbiggin
				Limestone Mine, Fife				3(1)54
Calder, Chic			The Underground World of Caves		1(1)21
				Fauna List No.1				1(2)21
	& T. Jarratt		Otter Hole					1(3)11
				Short Notes on Caves in Arran		1(3)17
				Hypogean Fauna: Scottish Style		1(4)12
				A Biospeleological Examination of Jeanie
				Barrie's Cave With Regard to Zonation	2(3)17
				The Grampian is Going Batty			2(5)21
				Shock (!) Treatment				2(5)28
				What We Frequently Don't See Underground
				(But They're There)- Bats			5(3)23
Campbell, Jim			The Gloup of Stroma				1(1)4
				Recent Developments in the Allt nan Uamh
				Stream Cave					1(2)25
				A Leisurely Stroll in Allt nan Uamh		1(3)23
				A Minor Find in Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave	1(5)22
				The Los Tayos Expedition to Ecuador	1(5)28
				The Allt nan Uamh Valley and Its Caves:
				A Reappraisal					2(1)44
				Meet Note: Goblin's Cave			2(4)31
				Skye - Land of Sea Caves			2(5)29
				Choice Extracts No.2				3(3)10
				Sea Caves on the Isle of Eigg			3(3)20
	& P. Dowswell		A Biospeleological Investigation of the
				Hypogean Fauna and Flora of Scottish Caves
				and Mines					4(1)48
Cobbett, James		Reseau Felix Trombe				1(5)19
Dowswell, Peter		Sutherland Fieldwork				1(1)16
				Louisa Antimony Mine			1(1)17
				New Discoveries In Sutherland		1(1)24
				Uamh Cul Eoghainn - A Description		1(2)17
				New Discoveries at Glenbain Hole		1(2)22
				The Caves of Islay				1(3)21
	& A.L. Jeffreys	Recent Developments on Schiehallion	1(3)27
				Meet Note: Glen Creran, Argyllshire		1(4)32
				The Hydrology of the Elphin District		1(4)35
				Observations on the Allt nan Uamh Stream
				Cave Streams					2(1)18
				How McKenzie was Pronounced Colquhoun
				- Or Yet More Miniscule Progress on
				Schiehallion					2(1)20
				Limestones in Perthshire - Preliminary Notes	2(1)41
				Dog, Devil and Donald or Singularly 
				Satanic Subterranean Sang-froid at Smoo	2(2)28
				Assynt Hydrological Survey			2(2)32
				Underground in Islay				2(3)51
	& I. Young		A Holloch New Year				2(4)32
				The Holloch. A Brief Description		2(4)37
				The Hellfire Caves. A Brief Account		2(5)34
				The Lime Industry in Dumfriesshire- A
				Brief Account					3(1)22
				St. Fillan's Cave, Pittenweem			3(3)41
				Some Observations on Traligill in Flood	3(4)23
	& J. Campbell		A Biospeleological Investigation of the
				Hypogean Fauna and Flora of Scottish
				Caves and Mines				4(1)48
				A Bibliography of Articles of Speleological
				Interest, Scots Magazine 1957-83		4(2)33
				Diving in Sutherlaand - A Little Progress	4(4)37
				Traligill - A Brief Appraisal of Speleological
				Potential					5(2)15
				Lower Traligill Cave - A Promising Start	5(5)35
Duncan, Robin (D)		Open Letter to the SCRO on Exposure	3(1)20
Farr, Martyn			Discoveries at Uamh an Claonaite		1(3)24
				Sutherland 1976				1(5)46
Faulkner, Trevor		Prospecting in Scotland			1(5)42
				Upper Short Gill Cave, Barbondale		2(1)12
				Kera Spiliosta, Vryses, W. Crete		5(4)20
Grindley, Dick			More Caving Music				5(1)18
				Piula Cave, Western Samoa			5(4)28
[Hughes, Trevor,
 Contributor]			Lydia and the Little People - Junior Section	3(1)38
Irwin, Dave J.			Notes on the Survey of Tynings Barrow
				Swallet						2(1)56
Jarratt, Tony
	& C. Calder		Otter Hole					1(3)11
				Wet Weather Dye Tracing at Ach a'Chorrain
				Caves, Durness				1(4)11
				The Dig at Uamh Cailliche Peireag		1(4)19
				Additions to 'The Caves of Scotland'		1(5)10
				Progress at Uamh Cailliche Peireag		1(5)45
				A Caving Book for Adults			2(2)18
				Additions to Oldham's 'Caves of Scotland'	2(3)8
				The Glenbain Hole Rescue			2(3)25
				An Extension to Ach a'Chorrain Cave I	2(4)10
				Easter Bunny Cave, Elphin			3(1)19
				Caves and Cave Art of Lesotho, S. Africa	3(2)32
				Crystal Columns - Junior Section		3(3)37
				Uamh an Claonaite III - The Streamway	3(5)29
				Cavern in Glen Croe - A Mystery to be 
				Solved						4(3)25
				Some Notes on Hebridean Caves		5(3)14
				Confusion on Ardnamurchan			5(5)29
Jeffreys, Alan L.		Odds and Ends in Sutherland			1(1)10
				Summary of Work Leading to a Small
				Breakthrough in Top Dig, Schiehallion	1(1)19
				Hellot Hole, Casterton Fell			1(1)27
				Club Work in Skye in 1974			1(1)38
				Cave Accident Incidents in Scotland. A
				Correction 1953-73				1(2)7
				Explosives: Some Notes on the Use of 
				Plaster Gelatine in Cave Digs			1(2)27
				Uamh Pol Eoghainn - A Description		1(3)13
				Thrupe Lane Swallet, Somerset		1(3)19
	& P. Dowswell		Recent Developments on Schiehallion	1(3)27
				Other Clubs in Scotland			1(3)28
	& T. Boycott		An Extension to the Cnoc nan Uamh System	1(3)30
				Notes on the Lassintullich Cave Drainage
				System						1(4)27
				Book Review: The Legend of Sawney Bean	1(5)7
				'Open Sesame': A Brief Survey of Children's
				Caving Books					1(5)13
				Caves on Creag an Earra, Schiehallion	1(5)25
				Cave Accident Statistics in Scotland No.2
				1973-77					2(1)11
				Uamh nan Claig-ionn				2(1)14
				Additions to the List of Childrens' Caving
				Books						2(1)19
				A Dissertation on Cow Hole, Somerset	2(1)23
				The Scottish Cave Register			2(1)26
	& J. Salvona		Recent Work in Duror				2(2)15
				A View of Nettle Pot, Derbyshire		2(2)20
				Additions to the Bibliography of Childrens'
				Caving Books					2(2)26
				Scaling and Things in Allt nan Uamh Stream
				Cave						2(2)29
				Colour Coding					2(3)8
				Additions to the Bibliography of Childrens'
				Caving Books					2(3)11
				A Short Walk in Black Shiver Pot		2(3)12
				'Appenings at Appin				2(3)37
				The Time of Nick				2(4)11
				Sell Gill Holes, A Note			2(4)22
				Diving in Appin				2(4)27
				Bayonet Rift, Uamh Cul Eoghainn		2(5)12
				Mystery in Trow Gill				2(5)33
	& I. Young		Uamh an Claonaite. The Possible Dream	2(5)36
				Ian Plant. A Personal Appreciation		3(1)9
				Vale: Ben Dors				3(1)16
				Two Small Fissure Caves near Golspie	3(1)27
				Alice Through the Leaching Glass (poem)	3(2)20
				Meet Note: Poll an Neach di-chuimhnichte	
				née Polygon, Beinn an Dubhaich, Skye	3(2)30
				Meet Note: Finding the Mere in Meregill	3(3)18
				Book Review: Caving and Potholing, A 	
				Caving Manual				3(3)43
				A Revised Assynt Sump Index		3(4)24
				A Short History of the Grampian 
				Speleological Group				3(5)11
				A Yorkshire Memory				4(1)7
				Mystery in Trow Gill - A Further Note	4(1)35
				SCRO Practice: Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave	4(1)43
				The End of Knockan Pot			4(2)9
				Notes on the Underground Archaeology of
				the Great War					4(2)25
				Marble Steps Pot				4(2)28
				Allt nan Uamh - The Downstream Sump	4(3)7
				Tunnel at Vicars Bridge, Dollar		4(3)19
				Meet Note: Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave - 
				A Tiny Dig					4(3)24
				An Injured Caver Contemplates His Fate	4(4)9
				Glen Creran Re-Visited			4(4)19
				Uamh an Claonaite - A Tiny Step Forward	4(4)35
				Oliver Cromwell Lloyd,An Appreciation	4(4)35
				The Descent of Clearmidge Hole, Glen
				Creran						4(5)37
				The Pavilion End, Chamber Pot, Argyll	5(1)9
				Cave Rescue Incidents - The Wider View	5(1)19
				Fissures on A'Crhois				5(1)31
				Occupier's Liability Act 1984			5(1)33
				Sutherland Rescue Call, 1986			5(2)9
				Roger Sutcliffe. An Appreciation		5(3)9
				Call Out to Glen Dessary			5(3)11
				Caves in Danger at Skulamus			5(3)20
	& M. McConville	More Action in Glen Creran			5(4)10
				Poll Seomar - A Description			5(4)29
				Caving Fatality in Argyll			5(5)8
				Bottoms Up - Life Begins for ANUS		5(5)13
[Jeffreys, Alan L.]		Access to Sutherland Caves			1(1)13a
				Appin Peninsula, Argyll			1(1)23
				News of Other Scottish Clubs			1(1)28
				Book Review: Northern Caves Vol.5		1(1)37
				Fissure on Arthur's Seat			1(2)10
				Edinburgh Cave and Crag			1(2)12
				Other Clubs' Work in Skye			1(2)16
				More Miniscule Progress on Schiehallion	1(2)19
				The G.S.G. Annual Dinner			1(3)7
				Glen Vale - Lomond Hills, Kinross		1(3)10
				Book Review: Challenge Underground	1(3)16
				A Few Quotes from GSG Caving Logbooks	
				1967-74					1(4)34
	[& R. Mehew]		Letters to the Editor				1(5)40
				Meet Note: Swildon's Hole, Somerset	2(2)7
				Sutherland Field Hut. A Document for
				Discussion					2(4)21a
				Meet Note: Uamh an Claonaite		3(5)10
				Culled from the Archives			4(2)15
				Warning (re: Alastair Munro)			4(3)8
				Colour Coding					4(5)16
				20 Years Ago -  From the Log		4(5)23;29
				Note: Smoo Cave, Sutherland			5(2)10
				Dangerous Pursuits				5(3)26
				Foreign Caving Trips				5(3)27
	[& M. Stewart]	The Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation	5(3)31
				Club Archives - 20 Years Ago		5(3)34
				Colour Codes					5(4)5
				I've Got Simply Nothing to Wear		5(4)19
				Meet Note: Applecross			5(4)27
				Correction: South Wales Access		5(4)34
				France, 1988					5(5)33
Lawson, Tim			Speleological Studies of the Effect of Late
				Quaternary Environmental Changes in the
				Assynt Area of Sutherland, Part 1		3(1)29
				Speleological Studies and the Effect of Late
				Quaternary Environmental Changes in the
				Assynt Area of Sutherland, Part 2		3(2)18
				The Caves at East Wemyss, Fife		3(2)24
				Uranium-Series Dating of Certain Assynt
				Speleothems: Preliminary Results		3(4)8
				Meet Note: Mull of Kintyre			3(5)35
				Raised Sea Caves of the Carsaig/Loch Buie
				Area of Southern Mull			4(3)20
				Recent Developments at Smoo Cave		5(4)18
				Excavations in Ulva Cave 1987		5(5)11
Lindsay, Bill			Report from Applecross			3(4)12
				Meet Note: Applecross, Kishorn		5(1)30
				Applecross in the Spring			5(3)25
McConville, Malcolm		The Rediscovery of Chamber Pot		4(4)29
	& A.L. Jeffreys	More Action in Glen Creran			5(4)10
MacNab, Peter		Sumping Sumpin' Awful			1(4)16
				The Discovery of Tynings Barrow Swallet	2(1)53
	[As 'Snab']		Goon's Song					2(1)58
				Camping in Bowden Hill [in: Culled from
				The Archives]					4(2)15
				Sutherland 1966 [in: Culled from the 
				Archives]					4(2)17
MacPherson, Alistair		A Day Trip to Schiehallion			4(5)10
				Lismorahaun House Cave, Co. Clare		4(5)21
Meelboom, Jonathan		Caving in the Argentine Republic		1(4)26
Mehew, Robert		Uamh nam Breagaire, Applecross		1(5)35
				Uamh Ard, Sutherland			2(3)47
	& J. Walford		Some More Fissure Caves on Raasay		3(3)31
				The Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation: 	
				Some Thoughts				5(4)22
Mills, Martin T.		So You Thought SRT Was New (to 
				Scotland)					2(2)19
				Caving in Paradise				3(2)10
				Music of the Depths or Underground Noises	3(2)35
				Read All About It				3(3)14
				Choice Extract No.3: So You Thought
				Speleothems Were Formed by the Deposition
				of Calcium Carbonate in Solution?		3(4)7
				On the Growth of Yorkshire Caving		3(4)32
				Amidst 'Huge Phantastic Halls and Abysmal
				Gorges'					4(1)9
				Putting Smoo Cave on the Map		4(2)19
				Forty Down.....				4(3)11
				Book Review: Alfie's Manuscript Collection
				of Mendip's Cavers Songs			4(3)29
				Book Review: The Sutherland Book		4(3)23
				A Visitor to Creag nan Uamh Bone Caves
				in 1927					4(4)13
				Additions to the Bibliography of Articles of
				Speleological Interest in Scots Magazine	4(5)9
[Mills, Martin T.]		Choice Extract No.4				4(1)31
				More Caves of St. Kilda			5(1)11
				Choice Extract No.12				5(2)23
Milton, Nick			Two French Show Caves			3(3)35
				Men of Scotland (poem)			4(1)34
				Great British Limestones			4(1)37
				Kilberry Head Sea Caves, Knapdale		4(2)13
				Caves and Irish Folk Music			4(3)27
Munro, Alistair (as 'Thing')	The Cave Rescue Dilemma (poem)		2(1)39
				Cave on Ben Donich, Argyll [false]		2(2)11
				Genesis (poem)				2(2)31
	& I. Young		SCRO Practice Rescue 1979 - Uamh nan
				Claig-ionn					2(5)23
				RAF Helicopter Exercise			3(2)41
				Some Thoughs from the Victim (in SCRO
				Practice in Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave)	4(1)45
				The Thing Guide for Speleophobes		4(2)14
Newton, Geoff		BEDROC Visit to Skye, September 1980	3(2)42
Ogston, Iain			Great Aven, Marble Steps Pot		1(4)22
				The Caves of Duror, Argyll			2(1)27
Osbourne, Dawn		Ogofs, Mud and Squeezes			5(3)19
Peggie, Andrew		A Simple Tripod Mounting Survey Unit for
				a Suunto Compass and Clinometer		2(2)24
Penman, Eric			Cumbria Himalayan Expedition to
				Annapurna III, 24,858 feet			3(1)17
Reynolds, Peter		Craigiehowe Cave				4(1)32
				Some Black Isle Caves			5(2)14
				Ullapool Again				5(5)23
Ritchie, Bill			On A New Caving Aid Tested in the Field
				at Lyne, Sutherland				1(2)15
				An Incident at Inchnadamph - What Really
				Happened					2(3)28
Robertson, Nigel		Ganavan Bay Caves, Oban			5(3)10
				Uamh Sgoltaidh Dhuibhe Rising Sink		5(5)11
				Pitch Safety					5(5)24
Ryder, Pete			MSG Expedition to the Isle of Skye, May 
				1980						3(1)11
				MSG Expedition to Skye and Applecross,
				June 1982					3(5)30
Salvona, Jim			Ardnamurchan Diary				1(5)3
	& A.L. Jeffreys	Recent Work in Duror				2(2)15
				Reminiscences from an Australian Diary	2(4)24
				A Call for Conservation at Lochgoilhead	2(5)20
				More Caves at Appin				2(5)31
				Appin (poem)					3(1)37
				Ardnamurchan Again				3(1)41
				Rescue Time (poem)				3(2)21
				McKinnon's Cave, Gribun, Isle of Mull	3(3)19
				A New Caving Area !!!?			3(3)38
	[as Chairman]		Barbeque Went With a Bang			3(5)10
				Desperate Descents				3(5)34
				Diary of an Itinerant Scottish Caver		4(2)29
				Vagaries (poem)				4(4)18
Stewart, Malcolm [as MRJS]	The Caver (poem)				4(4)36
				Return to Glen Creran				4(5)31
	& A.L. Jeffreys	The Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation	5(3)31
				Meet Note: Uamh Steal na Burich		5(5)30
Storey, Dave			Uamha a'Bhriseadh-duile			1(4)15
Sutcliffe, Roger		Scottish Notes					3(5)36
Thomas, Alan & I. Young	The Exploration of Fly Plague Hole		5(3)28
Tillson, John			The Caves of Appin, Argyllshire		1(1)29
				A Visit to Lismore Island			1(1)37
				Creaking Death Pot, Kingsdale		1(2)11
Trafford, Andrew		Trip to Scotland in Summer			3(1)32
Walford, Julian		Uamh nan Easgann				3(3)9
	& R. Mehew		Some More Fissure Caves on Raasay		3(3)31
				The Hut Harmonium - Or How To Care For
				Your Organ					3(4)13
				The Caves of Sandside Head			3(4)18
				Defying Gravity in Allt nan Uamh Stream 
				Cave						5(1)32
				Allt nan Uamh - The Technical Approach	5(2)24
				Progress In Allt nan Uamh Stream Cave	5(4)9
				Caving Hardware, The Latest Fashions?	5(4)25
Warren, Dave			The MOLES Expedition to the Dachstein,
				Austria						2(3)42
				The Mitchell Technique of SRT		2(4)16
				The Capacity of Non-Standard Air Cylinders	2(4)43
Young, Ivan			The Caves of Glenstockdale House Area	
				Appin Argyll					2(1)35
				Blue Marks the Spot				2(1)42
				Bolting the Stable Door			2(2)13
				The Programmable Pocket Calculator in
				Cave Surveying				2(2)34
				New Lamps From Old				2(3)14
				Skye - May 1978				2(3)30
				Water Tracing in Glen Stockdale		2(4)13
				Sutherland - Apres le Deluge			2(4)25
				Charging the Light Brigade			2(4)29
	& P. Dowswell		A Holloch New Year				2(4)32
				From the Sublime to the Ridiculous - Three
				USA Show Caves Re-visited			2(5)13
	& A. Munro		SCRO Practice Rescue 1979 - Uamh nan
				Claig-ionn					2(5)13
	& A.L. Jeffreys	Uamh an Claonaite - The Possible Dream	2(5)36
				MSG Work in Skye 1978-79			3(1)10
				Choice Extracts No.1				3(1)36
				A Temporal Subterranean Manifestation - 
				Uamh nan Meall a'Chaorium			3(1)39
				Claonaite - The First Mile			3(1)45
				Diving in ANUSC				3(2)31
				By Canoe in Cambussbarron Mine		3(2)37
				How Frustration Hole Lived Up to Its Name	3(2)38
				The Sea Caves of Islay Part 1			3(3)23
				Sea Caves at Sgairail, Islay			3(3)28
				August Activity in Appin			3(4)15
				Long Walk - 2nd Highest?			3(4)15
				From Mull to Skye the Hard Way		4(1)45
				Entrance Improvements at ANUSC		4(2)8
				Creaking Death Pot Rediscovered		4(2)14
				Cavern in Glen Croe - A Mystery Solved	4(4)24
				Grovelling in the Grampians			4(4)25
	& J. Yuill		Vicar's Bridge and Melloch Ironstone Mines	4(4)31
				Plotting Surveys the P.C. Way		4(5)11
				An Irish Interlude - the GSG in Eire, 
				Summer 1985					4(5)25
				Speleothem Growth Rates in Birkhill
				Fireclay Mine					5(1)24
				Birkhill Fireclay Mine				5(1)27
				Ireland, Summer 1986				5(2)11
				Beyond the Static Sump, ANUSC		5(2)21
	& A. Thomas 		The Exploration of Fly Plague Hole		5(3)28
[Young, Ivan]			Report from Kishorn				3(3)36
				Diary of an Itinerant Scottish Caver		4(2)29
				Dive Meet Reports				4(5)7
Yuill, Jackie			Hide-outs in the Hills - Paper Cave, Argyll	2(5)16
	& I. Young		Vicar's Bridge and Melloch Ironstone Mines	4(4)31

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