GSG Bulletins Author Index 63-74


Alden, G.B.			Personal Note				1(1)4
				Perth Area				1(2)2
				Anaconda Crawl (Fordel)		1(3)4
				Cave Rescue, Some Discussions	1(5)11
[Alden, G.B.]			Fordel System				1(1)3
Atkinson, T. & M. Newson	Sutherland Goes Scientific		4(1)21
				A Report on the Water Tracing in
				the Inchnadamph Area		4(3)32
Biddle,N. & C.G. Jeffreys	That Was No Woman, That Was
				My Wife				3(4)13
Biddle, R.			Gingling Hole				3(3)16
				An Extension to the Firehose Cave,
				Traligill				3(4)8
				The Eriboll Sea Caves			4(2)32
Brown, G.			Giant's Hole, Castleton		2(5)16
Butler, J.			A Troglodyte Visits Fordel Mine	1(5)3
				The Arrochar Caving Region		1(5)14
Calder, C.			An Examination of Jeanie Barrie's
				Cave, Carlops				5(2)18
				Report and Ideas on Uamh an 
				Claonaite Drainage System		5(3)15
    & A.L. Jeffreys		Further Advances in Schiehallion
				Mountain				5(4)10
Campbell, J.			Sea Caves of Shetland			5(3)11
				A Visit to the Picos de Europa,
				N.W. Spain				5(3)16
				Expedition to Iran, 1973		5(5)15
				Ali Sard Cave, Iran			5(5)31
Cornock, B. & J. Manchip,
	M. Penman		Assault on Cuil Dhubh		4(2)22
Cumming, I.G.			Mine Gases				1(2)6
    & A.L. Jeffreys		Yorkshire - By Car			1(3)9
Dowswell, P.D. & P. Ponter  	Skye's the Limit			5(4)17
				Another Piper's Cave!			5(5)22
Duncan, R.			The Possibility of Biological Causes
				of Manganese on Gours		2(5)14
				Some Survey Symbols for Use in
				Mine Plans				2(5)8
				The Acme Supercaver			3(1)12
				Book Review				3(4)7
				Bowden Hill, A Resume of Progress	3(4)19
Ellis, B.M.			The Charterhouse Caving Committee 2(2)7
Elwell-Sutton,S.		The Lower Traligill Flood Sink	5(3)20
Glen, E.G.			Elphin Hole				3(1)13
				Meet Note on Uamh Pol Eoghainn	3(2)10
				Juniper Gulf				3(3)10
				My Early Memoirs By Jove		3(4)22
				Car Pot				3(5)24
				Ogof Daren Cilau			4(1)25
				A Weekend in Kintyre			4(1)28
				Water Tracing in Sutherland		4(2)16
				Flood Entrance Pot			4(2)30
				Ogof Dydd Byraff			4(3)15
				Litter					4(3)28
				Meet Note: Gaping Gill		4(4)14
				Spectacle Pot				4(4)31
				Hull Pot				4(5)15
				Caving in Iran				5(1)14
				Some Thoughts on the Potential of
				the Creag nan Uamh Scars, Allt nan
				Uamh					5(2)14
[Glen, E.G.]			Access to Sutherland Caves		3(4)15
				Access to Sutherland Caves		3(5)19
Grindley, D.			The Cave of Tuonela			5(2)24
				Foss Cave 2, Schiehallion		5(3)27
				Note on the Name: Schiehallion	5(3)28
				Down Sunset Pot With a Reporter	5(4)30
Harvey,B.			Bats Underground			5(1)13
Heeps, B. & R. Stewart	A Day in the Country (Leadhills)	4(2)18
				Dye Testing at Schiehallion		4(4)20
				Caves in France and Spain		4(4)22
				Top Dig, Schiehallion			5(1)18
Henderson, G.			Summary of Progress at Bowden Hill	2(1)21
				West Glencrieff North			2(2)17
				The Latest Visit to Fordel		2(3)7
				Some Comments by the Tackle
				Master					2(3)12
				Tackle Note				2(5)4
				Ninelums Mine, Fife			3(3)13	
				The Edinburgh Speleological and
				Historical Research Group		3(5)20
Hendrie, J.			Tatham Wife Hole			3(4)18
Holliday, J.			The Alva Silver Mines			2(1)6
				The Cove Vein			2(1)17
				The Diccan/Alum Exchange		2(2)9
				The History of Hilderston Silver
				Mine					2(3)5
				Flos Ferri, A Form of Aragonite	2(5)6
Hood, R.			Report and Findings of the Ferranti
				(Edinburgh) Inchnadamph Caving
				Expedition				2(1)12
Hutchison, J.			All You Want to Know About the
				Tight Bits in Pippikin (But Were
				Apprehensive About Finding Out)	5(3)23
Jeffreys, A.L.			Jeanie Barrie's Cave			1(3)7
    & I.G. Cumming		Yorkshire - By Car			1(3)9
				Jeanie Barrie's Cave			1(4)3
				Mossdale Caverns			1(4)4
				Cave Rescue in Scotland		1(4)6
				Lamb Leer cavern			1(5)4
				Cavities at Cousland			1(5)6
				Sell Gill Holes				1(5)7
				Hilderston Silver Mine		2(1)3
				Gaping Gill, 1964			2(1)19
				Bowden Hill - Further Progress	2(2)15
				Exchange Fever			2(2)19
				The Falkirk Incident			2(3)13
				A Sketch Survey of Bowden Hill
				Mine					2(4)6
				Some Interesting Club Meets in
				1965					2(5)12
				Club Transport -Some Radical
				Changes				2(5)17
				Much Ado About Sumpin' or
				How We Coped With Meregill	3(1)16
				Song					3(2)13
				The G.S.G. Method of Wire Ladder
				Construction				3(2)18
				Cave Rescue Problems in Sutherland	3(3)25
				A Sketch Map of Uamh Pol Eoghainn 3(4)16
				The Season in Sutherland		3(4)25
				Rift Pot				3(5)9
				Early Caving in Yorkshire		3(5)11
		[Ed.]		Some Interesting Local Newspaper
				Correspondence			3(5)13
				The Knockan Rising			3(5)22
				Investigations Into Several Sumps in
				the Linlithgow Area			4(1)14
				Terminal Sump, Firehose Cave	4(1)26
				The Allt a'Chalda Mor Stream Cave	4(2)10
				Another New Cave - Pool Cave,
				Traligill				4(2)15
		[Ed.]		Diving in Sutherland			4(2)27
				Priddy Green Sink, A Description	4(3)10
				Caves on Schiehallion			4(3)19
				A Report of Two Rescues Involving
				A.L. Jeffreys				4(4)16
				Gauber Pot Re-Visited		4(5)9
				Access Arrangements in Sutherland	4(5)18
				Cave Rescue Call-out to Evanton,
				Ross-Shire				4(5)26
				Glenbain Hole, Meet Note		5(1)9
				Observations on the Druim na Doire
				Duibhe					5(1)10
				A Survey of Tree Hole, Traligill	5(1)24
				A Small Extension to Pint Pot,
				Yorkshire				5(2)10
				Batty Cave				5(2)19
				Ideas on the Formation of Smoo Cave 5(2)28
				Jack Scar Cave, Middelton in
				Teesdale				5(3)12
				Uamh an Claonaite - The Sump	5(3)19
	& A. Short		Practice Rescue from Uamh Pol
				Eoghainn				5(3)25
				Caving in Crete			5(3)29
	S C. Calder		Further Advances in Schiehallion
				Mountain				5(4)10
				Note: Stronecrubie Crags,
				Inchnadamph				5(4)15
				Cave Accident Incidents in Scotland
				1953-73				5(4)31
				Beechbarrow Chamber, Cnoc nan 
				Uamh					5(5)11
				Some Minor Adjustments to the
				Survey of Cold Water Cave		5(5)24
[Jeffreys, A.L.]		Book Review				1(2)4
				Notes on a Sketch Map of Fordel 
				Mine					1(2)12
				Caving News				1(3)6
				The G.S.G. Method of Rope Ladder
				Construction				1(5)14
				Book Reviews				2(1)10
				Caving News				2(1)15
				Book Review				2(2)13
				Garelton Iron Ore Mine		2(4)5
				Caving News				2(5)7
				A New G.S.G. Hostel in Sutherland	3(1)22
				Caving News				3(2)13
				The Kingsdale Master Cave		3(3)6
				Uamh Pol Eoghainn, A Further
				Meet Note				3(3)9
				Smoo Cave - Meet Note		3(3)23
				The Scottish Cave Rescue 
				Organisation				3(4)12
				Bowden Hill - Octopus Series		3(4)24
				Newbiggin Mine, Ninelums		3(5)8
				Cambussbarron Limestone Mine,
				Stirlingshire				3(5)12
				Vale: Fordel Mine; Cowden (Long
				Strip) Shaft				3(5)21	
				The Scottish Cave Rescue
				Organisation				4(1)13
				A Small Black Lie			4(1)20
				A New Way Down Jingling Pot,
				Kingsdale				4(2)9
				Broadcasting on Ten Metres - of	
				Cave					4(2)29
				Recent Dives in Sutherland		4(3)13
				Maypoling in Marble Steps, Meet
				Report					4(3)31
				Maypoling in Cnoc nan Uamh		4(4)25
				Other Club's Work in Sutherland	4(4)30
				Meet Note: Cnoc nan Uamh		4(5)7
				Sinks at Altnacealgach		4(5)20
				Access to Sutherland Caves		5(2)23
				The G.S.G. Field Hut, Elphin		5(2)26
				Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation,
				Incident Report No.2			5(2)27
				Book Review				5(4)7
				The Club Badge			5(4)16
				Other Club's Work in Scotland	5(4)33
				Book Review				5(5)7
				Foss Rising, Schiehallion		5(5)14
Jeffreys, C.G.			Giant's Hole				3(3)19
    & N. Biddle			That Was No Woman, That Was
				My Wife				3(4)13
				Stand and Deliver - Your Money,
				Not Your Life				3(4)19
				Topographing on Fenwick Lot,	
				Chapel-le-Dale				4(1)22
				Blar nam Fiadhag Pot			4(4)11
				The G.S.G. Field Hut, Elphin		4(5)19
Kellock, P.			Ledbeg Cave, Ledbeg, Sutherland	5(2)13
				A Visit to Camas Malag Cave, Skye	5(5)13
Lloyd, H.			Ogof Ffynnon Ddu			1(5)12
Lord, E.			Some Caves in Arran			3(3)8
McKeith, B.			Caving in Glen Creran			5(5)28
McKinley, A. & M.H. Smith 	Fissure Caves on the Isle of Raasay	4(5)21
MacNab, P.			Swildon's Hole, Mendip		2(3)9
				Horseshoe Bats			2(4)1
				The '66 Outlook			3(1)10
				The Scottish Cave Rescue
				Organisation				3(1)16
				A Funny Thing Happened on My
				Way to the Sump			3(2)9
				Ahnenschacht, 1967			3(4)10
				Two Caves (?) Near Alston		4(3)17
				Tom Patey -  An Appreciation	4(4)26
McOwatt, T.			Bats In Scotland			5(5)26
Maitland, A.			Caves of Kintyre			4(2)13
Manchip, J. & B. Cornock,
    M. Penman			Assault on Cuil Dhubh		4(2)22
Mardres, R.			A Letter From America		5(1)20
Marsh, N.			Alkali Burns				3(1)7
				Lancaster-Easegill and Cow Pot	3(2)14
				A Cat-ionary Tale			3(3)21
Meelboom, J.			Diving in Sutherland, Or A Bad
				Dream					4(1)9
Mehew, R.			Dye Test at Allt nan Uamh		5(2)9
Mills, M.T.			Caves of St. Kilda			5(1)25
				Notes on the Caves of Ach a'Chorrain 5(2)22
Newson, M. & T. Atkinson	Sutherland Goes Scientific		4(1)21
				Report of Water Tracing in the
				Inchnadamph Area			4(3)32
Nicholls, J.			See: Biddle, N.
Penman, E.			Lifelining				4(1)16
				Samuel's Cave, Glen Nevis		4(3)14
				Money Raising for the Club		4(4)8
				A Fresh Look at Pate Hole		4(4)27
Penman, M. & B. Cornock
    J. Manchip			Assault on Cuil Dhubh		4(2)22
Ponter, P. & P. Dowswell	Skye's The Limit			5(4)17
				Key to the Caves in Coille
				Gaireallach				5(4)28
Priddle, C.			The B.E.C. in Sutherland		4(1)18
Pringle, C.  			See: Jeffreys, C.
Reid, A.			Progress in Cramond Cave		3(5)15
				Quaking Pot				4(1)10
				Bowden Hill -  A New Breakthrough	4(2)21
Reid, B.			Cave at Millport, Great Cumbrae	3(1)6
				Progress at Straiton Shale Mine	3(2)11
Reid, P.			Sutherland, September 1966		3(2)7
Short,A. & A.L. Jeffreys	Practice Rescue from Uamh Pol
				Eoghainn				5(3)25
				Cave of the Fairies....And Other
				Things!				5(4)27
Sloane, H.			Proposed Directional Symbols	1(5)10
Smith, M.H. & A. McKinley	Fissure Caves on the Isle of Raasay	4(5)21
Stewart, R. & B. Heeps	A Day in the Country (Leadhills)	4(2)18
				Some Caving in Littondale		4(4)12
Taylor, D.			Abseiling Down Diccan Pot		4(3)29
				Some Show Caves in Mallorca	4(5)11
Tillson, J.			Craving Grampiantics Under Birks
				Fell					5(4)34
Thomson, L.			An Account of Straiton Shale Mine etc 2(4)8
				An Account of a Nidderdale Meet etc 2(5)19
				An Account of a Record and Intrepid
				Descent of Swildons Hole etc		3(1)20
Walker, M.J.			Cold Water Cave			4(5)12
				Two Caves From Murcia Province,
				S.E.Spain				5(1)21
				A Radio-Carbon Date from Glenbain
				Hole					5(3)28

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