Mountain Safety Quiz


Watching TV and reading every year about people getting rescued off the Scottish mountains it's easy to get the idea that these people do not know what they are doing, and as a result put themselves and their rescuers in danger. This however, as a lot of us are aware, is not the case.

No matter how good you are, a little bit of knowledge goes a long, long way.

So here's a little test to see how you would fare on the mountains, most of the questions are Yes/No or multiple choice. It is divided into three sections: easy to hard. Try it and see how you get on; you get 1 point for a correct answer, no points for a wrong answer or a nearly correct answer (in a real life situation you will not get Brownie points for being "almost right" you will get death).

Here we go.

Q1. When going on a hike up the mountains do you ?

Q2. When going on a hike up the mountains do you ?

Q3. A route card shows ?

Q4. Comfortable footware is important so do you choose ?

Q5. Which emergency rations are most suitable ?

Q6. How much extra cash should you bring ?

Q7. Whom should you tell about your proposed route ?

Q8. Which gives more insulation ?

Q9. Which gives more foot protection ?

Q10. The no. of the Emergancy services is ?

Fine, we have reached the mountains, now we're motoring, so the first thing we do is check the weather.

Q11. Cirrus clouds about are an indication of ?

Q12. Open cones are a sign of what ?

Q13. Nimbus clouds are a sign of ?

Q14. In a thunderstorm are you safe ?

Q15. The signs of Hypothermia are what ?

Q16. A surival bag is used to ?

Q17. The Emergency signal on a whistle is ?

Q18. If a person suffers a complicated fracture what is the treatment ?

Q19. In bandaging a fracture should you place the bandages ?

Q20. What is the traditional cure for a nettle sting ?

Now you have passed First Aid with flying colours, where the Hell are we ?

Q21. The top of the map shows ?

Q22. On a compass the red needle points ?

Q23. In a map reference (Grid reference) which is given first ?

Q24. On a compass does the direction of travel arrow point ?

Q25. In the Cuillins on the Isle of Skye, are compass readings ?

Q26. A contour line shows ?

Q27. Compass readings are affected by streams ?

Q28. By triangulation with a map and compass-you can find your exact location ?

Q29. There are three kinds of North on a map ?

Q30. Contours close together on a map indicate ?

Right you've had your 30 questions.

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