Descending From The Summit Of Ben Nevis

Warning: These bearings and distances are only likely to be of assistance if you are already a competent nevigator. Even very experienced mountaineers can have great difficulty navigating accurately in severe wind or 'white-out' conditions, such as occur frequently on the Ben Nevis plateau.

  1. From the summit trig pillar walk 150 metres on a grid bearing of 231° to near the top of Gardyloo Gully, (first marker pole).
  2. Then follow a grid bearing of 282° to clear the plateau. (A second marker pole is situated 300m along this second bearing, at the top of McLean's Steep.)

Note: At present (1995) magnetic north lies about 5° west of grid north for Ben Nevis. In order to calculate magnetic bearings (ie. the value you set on your compass), it is necessary to ADD 5° to these grid bearings. This adjustment will decrease by about 1° every six years.

Note: The marker poles are reported to have been removed recently (November 1996) by vandals who took a hacksaw to them and threw them away.

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Original produced by Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team and available from Tiso's etc.

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