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Welcome to the Rucksack Club!

The Rucksack Club is the largest and most friendly club in the University. It is also the oldest, being founded in 1923! This makes it the third oldest university hillwalking club in Britain. So have no fear, we are heaving with experience!

Meeting place

Come up to the Speedwell (Perth Road) on Tuesday evenings from 9pm for a chat, a drink (or seven), and find out what's happening at the weekend. We usually have a whole section to ourselves.


We have a trip every weekend, alternating between weekend meets and day meets. The weekend meets leave at 6pm on Friday, but you have to be up a bit earlier for the day meets, like 7am! During the vacations there are still trips away, but they are not subsidised unless they are for a good cause, such as our cleaning trip to Camasunary bay.

Notice board

The club noticeboard on level 4 of the Students Association building carries details of meets, social events, safety talks and guest speakers.

Mailing list

All the latest trip information (and gossip!) is distributed to members by e-mail. Send a message to with the word Subscribe in the Subject line to be added to the mailing list.

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New web site