Craven Pothole Club events

Previous events - 1994

Saturday 26 March Longkin East / Rift
Saturday 23 April Rowten, Jingling and Bull Pots
Saturday 14 May Meregill, Black Shiver
Sunday 15 May Rowten
Saturday 28-30 May Dentdale Camp, also Mendip
Saturday 04 June Berger training: Alum and Diccan all ways
Saturday 11 June Alum/Diccan exchange
Sunday 12 June CRO practice
Saturday 18 June Berger training: Meregill+Black Shiver cancelled
Sunday 19 June Berger equipment buying
Saturday 25,26 June North York Moors (?)
Saturday 02 July Berger SRT Rescue practice, Sell Gill
Saturday 09 July Stream Passage / Flood Entrance
Sunday 10 July Out Sleets Beck
Monday 01-10 August Gouffre Berger, La Moliere campsite, Vercors, France
Saturday 13-14 August Gaping Gill tackling weekend
Saturday 20-29 August Gaping Gill winch meet
Saturday 03-04 September Gaping Gill detackling weekend
Saturday 17 September Bull Pot of the Witches
Sunday 18 September Heron Pot
Saturday 01-02 October Lake District camp
Saturday 15 October Mongo Gill Hole
Saturday 29 October Simpsons / Swinsto exchange
Saturday 19 November Top Sinks / Pippikin exchange
Saturday 26 November AGM and dinner
Saturday 27 November Presidents meet
Saturday 10 December Lancaster Hole
Saturday 31 December Lost John's Hole
Sunday 01 January Great Douk Cave / Sunset Hole

Previous events - 1995

Saturday 14 January CRO practice
Sunday 15 January Cherry Tree hole / Darnbrook Pot
Saturday 28 January Tatham Wife
Saturday 11 February Rift Pot, Large Pot
Sunday 12 February Magnetometer Pot
Saturday 04 March Quaking Pot
Sunday 05 March [survivors' rest day]
Sunday 12-19 March Crianlarich
Saturday 18-19 March Derbyshire
Saturday 01 April Washfold
Sunday 02 April Aygill Caverns
Friday 14-17 April Forest of Dean
Saturday 29 April Brown Hill
Saturday 06-08 May Wharfedale Camp
Saturday 13 May Swinsto, Simpson's
Sunday 14 May Crackpot
Saturday 27-29 May Belgium
Saturday 10 June Black Shiver
Sunday 11 June Ibbeth Peril, Robin's Dub
Saturday 17-18 June Gaping Ghyll equipment working weekend
Saturday 24 June Gingling (Fountains Fell)
Sunday 25 June CRO Practice
Saturday 01-02 July Sell Gill Holes camp
Saturday 08-09 July North Lakes
Saturday 15 July Penyghent Pot
Sunday 16 July Link Pot
Saturday 05-11 August Pierre Saint Martin, France
Saturday 12-13 August Gaping Ghyll winch tackling
Saturday 19-29 August Gaping Ghyll winch meet
Saturday 02-03 September Gaping Ghyll detackling
Saturday 09 September Kingsdale Master Cave
Sunday 10 September Caves of Birkwith
Saturday 23 September Lancaster / Easegill
Sunday 24 September Easegill / Lancaster
Saturday 07 October Marble Sink
Sunday 08 October Cliff Force
Saturday 21 October Little Hull Pot
Sunday 22 October Alum Pot area
Saturday 04 November Marble Steps
Sunday 05 November Bull Pot of the Witches
Saturday 18 November Disappointment Pot, Bar Pot
Sunday 19 November Dow Cave
Saturday 25 November AGM and dinner
Sunday 26 November President's Meet
Saturday 09 December Christmas Pot, Grange Rigg Pot
Sunday 10 December Heron Pot
Saturday 30 December Lost John's Pot
Sunday 31 December Rumbling Hole

Previous events - 1996

Saturday 13 January Sell Gill Holes
Saturday January 27
Sunday January 28
CRO Practice
Cherry Tree Pot, Darnbrook Pot
Saturday February 10
Sunday February 11
Bar Pot
Kingsdale Master Cave
February 19-23 Scotland
Saturday 09 March Lancaster / Easegill
Saturday 23 March Juniper Gulf (SRT)
Friday 05-08 April South Wales
April 20-28 Scotland
Saturday April 20
Sunday April 21
Tatham Wife Hole
Magnetometer Pot
Saturday 04-06 May Nidderdale Camp
Saturday May 18
Sunday May 19
Bull Pot / Jingling Pot / Rowton Pot
Saturday 25-27 May North Wales
Saturday June 15
Sunday June 16
Birks Fell Cave
Swinsto Hole / Simpsons Pot
Friday 05-07 July Mallerstang Camp
Saturday July 20
Sunday July 21
Lost John's (SRT)
Notts Pot (SRT)
August Europe?
Saturday 10-11 August Gaping Ghyll Tackling
Saturday 17-26 August Gaping Ghyll Winch Meet
Sunday 01-02 September Gaping Ghyll Detackling
Saturday 14 September Brown Hill Pot
Ireby Fell Cavern
Friday 27-29 September Lake District Camp
Saturday October 12
Sunday October 13
Car Pot
Mongo Gill
Saturday October 26
Sunday October 27
Sunset Hole / Great Douk Cave
Caves of Bruntscar
Saturday November 09
Sunday November 10
Nick Pot
Short Drop Pot / Gavel Pot
Saturday November 23
Sunday November 24
President's Meet
Saturday December 07
Sunday December 08
Cliff Force Cave
Monday December 30
Tuesday December 31
King Pot
Alum Pot

Previous events - 1997

Saturday 11 January Sell Gill
Saturday 25 January Valley Entrance
Saturday 1 February
Sunday 2 February
Lancaster Hole
Easegill Caverns
Saturday 8 February Lost John's Hole (SRT)
February Scotland
15-23 February Northern Lakes
Sunday 2 March Birkwith Caves
Sunday 9 March Notts Pot (SRT)
Saturday 15 March Caves Of Ribblehead
28-30 March South Wales
Saturday 12 April Marble Steps Pot
Saturday 19 April Swinsto Hole / Simpsons Pot
3-5 May Nether Wasdale Camp
Sunday 18 May Magnetometer Pot
24-26 May Kettlewell Camp
Dowber Gill
Birks Fell Cave
Saturday 7 June
Sunday 8 June
Little Hull Pot (SRT)
Alum Pot
Saturday 14 June
Sunday 15 June
Penyghent Pot
Ireby Fell Cavern
Saturday 28 June Ibbeth Peril
Saturday 5 July
Sunday 6 July
Pasture Gill Pot
Sunset Hole
Saturday 13 July County Pot or Pool Sink
July / August Camp in Germany
Saturday 27 July Gingling Hole
9-10 August Gaping Ghyll Tackling
16-25 August Gaping Ghyll Winch Meet
30-31 August Gaping Ghyll Detackling
6-13 September County Clare, Eire
Saturday 13 September
Sunday 14 September
County Pot
Pool Sink
Saturday 27 September
Sunday 28 September
Bull Pot Of The Witches
Upper Heselden Cave 2
Saturday 11 October
Sunday 12 October
Rowten Pot (SRT)
Bull Pot Kingsdale
Saturday 18 October Lost John's Hole
Saturday 25 October Heron Pot
Saturday 8 November
Sunday 9 November
Link Pot
Alum Pot / Diccan Pot (SRT)
Saturday 15 November Juniper Gulf
Saturday 22 November
Sunday 23 November
AGM and dinner
President's Meet
Saturday 13 December Pikedaw Calamine Caverns
Sunday 28 December Aygill Caverns
Wednesday 31 December Short Drop Pot / Gavel Pot

Previous events - 1998

Saturday 10 January Easegill Caverns
Saturday 24 January Ireby Fell Cavern (SRT)
Saturday 7 February Cherry Tree / Darnbrook
14-24 February 1. Lake District
2. Scotland
Saturday 28 February Hagg Gill
Saturday 14 March
Sunday 15 March
Swinsto / Simpsons (SRT)
High Hull Pot (SRT)
15-22 March Scotland (Glen Etive)
Saturday 28 March Short Drop / Gavel
11-13 April 1. South Wales (Easter)
Saturday 25 April Tatham Wife Hole
2-4 May Kettlewell camp (May Day)
including 3 May: Birks Fell
9-10 May Cottage Working Weekend
23-25 May Anglesey
Saturday 6 June Birkwith Area
Saturday 13 June
Sunday 14 June
Penyghent Pot
Brackenbottom Pot
Saturday 27 June Stream Passage / Flood Entrance / Bar Pot (SRT)
Saturday 4 July Top Sinks
11-12 July Swaledale camp
Saturday 15 August Gaping Ghyll tackling
22-31 August Gaping Ghyll winch meet
Saturday 5 September Gaping Ghyll detackling (if required)
Saturday 12 September Magnetometer Pot
Saturday 26 September
Sunday 27 September
Notts Pot
Out Sleets
Saturday 10 October King Pot
Saturday 17 October Aygill Caverns
Saturday 24 October Mongo Gill
Sunday 15 November Bull Pot Kingsdale (SRT)
Saturday 28 November
Sunday 29 November
President's Meet
Saturday 12 December Lost John's Hole (SRT & ladders)
Box Head Pot (SRT)
Monday 28 December Great Douk / Sunset
Tuesday 29 December Easegill
Wednesday 30 December Notts Pot (SRT)

Previous events - 1999

Sunday 10 January Sell Gill (SRT & ladders)
Saturday 23 January Notts Pot
13-21 February North Lakes camp
Saturday 6 March Lancaster / Easegill
Saturday 20 March Rowten, Bull, Jingling (SRT)
2-5 April South Wales camp
Saturday 17 April Christmas Pot / Grange Rigg Pot
1-3 May Kettlewell camp
1-3 May Forest of Dean camp
15-16 May Cottage working weekend
Saturday 22 May Penyghent Pot
29-31 May Nidderdale camp
Saturday 12 June
Sunday 13 June
Black Shiver (SRT)
Caves of Birkwith
Saturday 26 June Hammer Pot
Saturday 3 July Top Sinks
Saturday 17 July Bar Pot / Stream Passage Pot / Flood Entrance (SRT)
14-15 August Gaping Ghyll tackling
21-30 August Gaping Ghyll winch meet (open to the public)
4-5 September Gaping Ghyll detackling
Saturday 11 September
Sunday 12 September
Rift Pot / Large Pot
Heron Pot / Batty Cave
25-26 September Lake District camp
Saturday 9 October
Sunday 10 October
Easegill / Lancaster
Hagg Gill
Saturday 23 October Valentine Pot
Saturday 13 November
Sunday 14 November
Marble Steps
Great Douk Cave / Sunset Hole
Saturday 27 November
Sunday 28 November
AGM & Dinner
President's Meet
Saturday 11 December
Sunday 12 December
Notts Pot
Cherry Tree Hole / Darnbrook Pot
Saturday 29 December
Sunday 30 December
Lost John's (SRT)
Alum Diccan (SRT)

Previous events - 2000

Note: Dates marked * are SRT training meets for those intending to go to the Gouffre Berger.

8 January *
9 January *
Notts Pot (SRT)
Sell Gill Holes
Saturday 15 January Aygill Caverns
29 January *
30 January *
Lost John's (SRT)
Little Hull Pot (SRT)
5 February
6 February
Sunset Hole
Birkwith area
19-20 February North Lakes
19 February *
20 February *
Death's Head / Big Meany (SRT)
Alum Pot (SRT)
4 March
5 March
Ireby Fell Caverns
Alum Pot area
11 March *
12 March *
Long Kin, Rift Pots (SRT)
Bull, Jingling Pots (SRT)
25 March Simpson's / Swinsto
1 April *
2 April *
Cow Pot / Lancaster Hole (SRT)
SRT Rescue Training
8 April Tatham Wife Hole
21-24 April Easter: South Wales camp
22 April *
23 April *
Simpson's Pot / Swinsto Hole (SRT)
Alum Pot (SRT)
29 April - 1 May MayDay: North Wales
6/7 May Knock Fell Caverns
13 May *
14 May *
Marble Steps (SRT)
Rowten Pot (SRT)
27-29 May Spring Bank Holiday: Kettlewell camp
27-29 May Spring Bank Holiday: Mendip
1 June *
2 June *
BlackShiver, Meregill (SRT)
Hunt Pot (SRT)
10 June Magnetometer Pot
24 June
25 June *
Penyghent Pot
Heron Pot / Yordas (SRT)
8 July
9 July
King Pot
Caves of Ribblehead
15 July * Flood Entrance, Disappointment, Gaping Ghyll Dihedral (SRT)
1-10 August Gouffre Berger, Vercors, France
12-13 August Gaping Ghyll detackling
19-29 August Gaping Ghyll winch meet (open to the public)
2-3 September Gaping Ghyll detackling
9 September
10 September
Strangle Pot
Great Expectations Mongo Gill
23-24 September Lake District Camp
7 October
8 October
Lancaster Hole / Easegill Caverns
Easegill Caverns / Lancaster Hole
21 October
22 October
Cliff Force Cave
11 November
12 November
Lost John's Hole
Kingsdale Master Cave
25 November
26 November
AGM and Dinner
President's Meet
9 December Notts Pot
30 December
31 December
Rowten Pot (SRT)
Great Douk Cave

Previous events - 2001

20 Jan Bull Pot of the Witches Leader Tracey Beasley. Meet at Bull Pot Farm 10.00am. Saturday.
3 Feb Little Hull (SRT) Leader S Kelley. Meet at Cottage 10.00am.Saturday.
4 Feb Heron Pot Leader Elaine Hill. Meet at Yordas Cave layby 10,00am Sunday.
10 Mar Ireby Fell (SRT) Leader Andy Mackie. Meet at Masongill 10.00am. Saturday.
24 Mar Alum Pot (SRT) followed by Berger evening (slides, photos, dance, food etc.) Leaders A Davey ,T Johnson and K Gannon. Meet at Alum Pot Lane 10.00am. Saturday
13-16 Apr Easter: South Wales Leader Mike Bertenshaw. See Record
5-7 May May Day: North Wales Leader Tom Thompson. See Record.
5-7 May May Day: Forest of Dean Leader Kim Davey. See Record.
12-13 May Cottage Working Weekend Meet on the sofa
26-28 May Spring Bank Holiday: Kettlewell camp Leader Andy Howe. See Record for details.
26-28 May Mendip Leader Laurence Elton. See Record.
9 Jun Easegill Caverns Leader Keith Wright. Meet at Bull Pot Farm 10.00am. Saturday.
23 Jun Pen-y-ghent Pot Leader Patrick Warren. Meet at Cottage 9.00am. Saturday.
24 Jun Caves of Birkwith Leader Pete Jones. Meet at Cottage 9.00am. Sunday.
14 Jul Cycling Meet Leaders Steve Pickersgill and Howard Beck. See Record. Saturday
15 Jul Ibbeth Peril Cave Leader John Webb. Meet at Ibbeth Peril Layby 10.00am. See Record
11-12 Aug Gaping Gill Tackling
18-27 Aug Gaping Gill Leaders Tom Thompson and Tracey Beasley. See Record.
1-2 Sep Gaping Gill Detackling
8-15 Sep Ireland Leader Karen Lane. See Record.
15 Sep Sell Gill Hole (SRT) Leader Keith Wright. Meet at Cottage 10.00am. Saturday.
22-23 Sep Lake District Leader Barbara Pickersgill. See Record for details.
6 Oct Crackpot Cave Leader Dave Allanach. Meet at Summerlodge 10.00am. Saturday.
7 Oct Great Douk Leader Steve Kirk. Meet at layby above Hill Inn 10.00am. Sunday.
20 Oct Rowten Pot / Jingling Hole / Bull Pot (SRT) Leaders S Kelley and N Blundell. Meet at cottage 9.30am. Saturday.
21 Oct Digging Meet Pete Jones. Meet at Cottage 10.00am. Sunday.
10 Nov Bar Pot / Flood Entrance (SRT) Leaders Pete Gray and Barbara Pickersgill. Meet at Clapham 9.30am. Saturday.
11 Nov Kingsdale Master Cave (Valley Entrance) Leaders Pete and Margaret Hamilton. Meet at Braida Garth 10.00am. Sunday.
17 Nov
18 Nov
AGM and Dinner
President's Meet
8 Dec Juniper Gulf (SRT) Leader TBA. Meet at cottage 9.30am Saturday.
9 Dec Magnetometer Pot Leader John Christie. Meet at Neals Ing Farm 10.00am Sunday.
31 Dec Great Douk Cave Leader Sarah Jenkins. Meet at lay by above Hill Inn 10.00am. Monday.

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