Craven Pothole Club information

Officials 2002


The club organises caving trips throughout the year, generally every other weekend; see the calendar for full details. There are often expeditions to Europe in the summer, recent years including Belgium and two large caves in France: the Pierre St. Martin and the Gouffre Berger.

For the Bank Holiday at the end of August the club operates a winch down Gaping Ghyll giving non-cavers a chance to explore Britain's largest chamber. Click on the small photograph to view a full-size picture of the winch down Gaping Ghyll. You can read full details about this year's winch meet.


The Dales headquarters of the club is situated at Ivy Cottage, Horton-in-Ribblesdale. Ivy Cottage may be used by members, plus one guest per member; and by any other parties at the discretion of the committee. Riverside Cottage, adjacent to Ivy Cottage, should be booked in advance through the Cottage Warden. Click on the small photograph to view a full-size picture of Ivy Cottage. Note the close proximity to the Crown public house!


The club library and records are kept in the Skipton headquarters of the club at Castle Chambers, Millbridge, Skipton. Access to the library may be obtained by contacting one of the keyholders; Don Mellor, Dave Allanach, Dave Milner, Edward Whitaker and Andy Roberts.

The Record

The Record is published to record the activities of the club members during the year. The Record is published four times a year and, whilst including more serious articles, will also contain information on meets and other topical material. The Editor will be pleased to receive any contributions as only be members' efforts can the tradition and standards of publication be kept alive.

Join The Club

The club has a fairly standard route into membership which is applied with all applicants regardless of their caving experience. This is because we believe it allows applicants to get to know us as well as the other way round.

The Club runs regular official meets which members take it in turn to lead. There is a meets programme announced each November and then published in January for the year in question. Anyone who applies for probationary membership must attend at least four underground meets during their six months probationary membership. At any time after completing the minimum of four meets they may apply for full membership after obtaining the signatures of two existing full members to propose and second them. The members would be expected to have been underground with you and to have formed some opinion on your caving competance. If either of them happened to also be members of the Committee then they would be able to speak in favour of your application when it was placed before the Committee.

The Club Meets are held on ladder unless specified as SRT meets, this helps a lot of our older members and many Dales caves are actually easier on ladder. There are also many other trips, both sporting and digging, which are not formally scheduled but are arranged at the Club Cottages in Horton-in-Ribblesdale or the HQ in Skipton.

As a probationary member you may use the Club Cottages in your own right rather than as a guest but only full members are allowed to book out tackle. You will receive a copy of the CPC Record which is issued quarterly.

If you wish to apply for probationary membership please contact Mrs. BJ Pickersgill, 37 Sandown Close, Bagby, Thirsk, YO7 2PL who will be able to provide you with an application form and further details of Club activities.

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