Satellite pass text files as archived and distributed by Dundee Satellite Receiving Station are formatted as follows.

Date: Day Month Year (obselete)
Sat: Dundee satellite number (corresponds to NOAA number, Terra=42, Aqua=43, SeaStar=50)
Dirn: Northbound or Southbound pass direction
Eqxt: Hour Minute Second (obselete)
Eqxw: Equator crossing angle (Longitude degrees West)
OHtime: HourMinute (obselete)
Orbitnum: Orbit number
Ident: Tape identification for Dundee archive
Numlines: Number of scan lines in pass
Avr.Alt: Average Altitude (km) (obselete)
Firstline Time of first line [Hour Minute Second Millisecond Day Month Year]
Lastline Time of last line
Duration Duration of pass (minutes)
EqxT Time of equator crossing
Horiz Theoretical time of satellite rising horizon
Ohead Time of maximum elevation
Delay Time from equator crossing to horizon
Format Data format identification
Bad-lines Number of scan lines with errors
CD-Ident CD identification for Dundee archive
Attitude TimeSinceFirstLine Yaw Roll Pitch (attitude, time in minutes, angles in degrees)
RegionStartline First scan line number of extracted region
RegionEndline Last scan line number of extracted region

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