SPOT Elements serve the same purpose as Two-Line Elements, to provide information about the orbit of a spacecraft in order to allow a prediction of its position at some time in the near future.

SPOT format is distributed in the MetOp data stream alongside TBUS format.

&nbsp Typical value MetOp Units
P1 +7.188990e+3 +7.195305e+3 km
P2 -4.638379e-4 -3.000000e-6
P3 +1.179349e-3 +1.136000e-3
P4 +1.723015 +9.873457e+1 deg
P5 +2.503810 +3.569375e+2 deg
P6 +4.755502e-3 +1.746706e+2 deg
P7 +2.002655e-7 +9.892990e-1 deg/day
P8 +1.034581e-3 +5.114797e+3 deg/day
P9 +8.501167e-4 +8.490000e-4
P10 -1.039689e-4 -6.025000e-3 deg
P11 +5.430823e+1 +2.732675e+2 deg
P12 -1.525059e-15 +1.487400e-2 deg/day2
P13 -1.057372e-7 +3.034300e-2 1/day

SPOT elements

A better set of equations:

SPOT elements 2


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