Time limits

As operator of the spacecraft which carries SeaWiFS, Orbital Sciences Corporation imposes various restrictions on the use of the data.

The live data is transmitted encrypted and only authorised real-time receiving stations can decrypt the data. Fortunately Dundee has a real-time decryption license. However, we can only make real-time data available to users who have registered with NASA as real-time researchers.

Data older than 14 days can be supplied to any user who has registered with NASA as a researcher.

Data older than 5 years can be supplied to any user.

SeaWiFS quicklooks older than 14 days are available to all of our registered users. If you have had your account upgraded allowing you to order high resolution data then you will also be allowed to order high resolution SeaWiFS data which is over 5 years old.


For access to SeaWiFS quicklooks, simply ensure you have created an account at Dundee Satellite Receiving Station.

For access to high resolution data older than 5 years please ensure that your account with us has been upgraded to allow ordering data.

For access to high resolution data received within the last 5 years:

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