The high resolution data service allows access to full resolution satellite data through our website or you will be able to submit specific requests to have data processed. Data can be ordered as viewable images or in a raw format suitable for further processing. For more details please read our High Resolution Images document.

Access to High Resolution Data

High resolution access is available for any UK scientist or research group whose work is academically funded or supported by NERC directly or through a research grant or studentship. If you think you may be eligible for free access and wish to apply, please send initial background information on your project and request an application form using the comment button or contact details below.

If you are not eligible for free access or have specific requirements you can still request access on a fee paying basis. Costs depend on user category (e.g. commercial, education, personal use), volume of data, media cost etc. To enquire about access please send information on your requirements using the comment button or contact details below. Please supply any relevant information about your work and your data requirements, e.g. estimated number of images or list of dates/times if known, geographical region of interest, raw data or image data, etc.

If access is granted and is required through the website, your quicklook account must be upgraded for this, so you must notify us of the account name. We will also need the following details of your local machine and an FTP account to which high resolution data can be sent:

In return we can upgrade your quicklook account so that you can place high resolution data orders through the website. We need an ftp account on your machine due to processing and storage requirements and security considerations. If it is not possible to provide us with an account arrangements can be made for you to collect data manually from our website.


If you require access to SeaWiFS data please read the SeaWiFS data access document first.

Contact Details

To enquire about access please use the comment button or send a fax or letter as follows: