Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to the University of Dundee. This statement explains what information we collect when you access our website, why we collect it and where we disclose it.

What information is collected?

From web site registration and image requests submitted by post, telephone, fax or email

We collect information about a user's identity and their intended use of our satellite images. We also maintain a record of the number and type of images distributed to the user.

From web pages

In common with most other web servers we collect information about which of our pages are accessed and from what IP address. The information is used for fault reporting and statistical aggregation.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored in your web browser and sent back to the web server which created them. The DSRS web server can use cookies for authentication, but they contain no personal details and may be deleted safely.

Why is the information collected?

User identity information is collected at the request of our funding body NERC. It is used in reports to NERC to provide details of usage of our facility by the various categories of user (personal, education, research or commercial) and to allocate the cost of providing images to users as appropriate. This is important to securing continued funding.

Where is the information disclosed?

Personal information is not disclosed to any third parties, only to our funding body NERC for reporting purposes. E-mail addresses are kept private and are not added to any mailing lists.

Dispute Resolution

Inaccurate information can be corrected using the preferences editor on our Administer Your Web Account page. Disputes or requests for account removal can be sent using the Send Us A Comment page. If the response is unsatisfactory then issues can be raised with the University's Data Protection Officer. See the dispute resolution document.

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act regulates the use and security of personal information held on computer. For details of the DSRS registration see the Data Protection Register.

Privacy Policy

Formal privacy policy documents are available from our W3C P3P document collection.