This guide details the features of the polar satellite image viewer and how to use them.


User Interface

The user interface is comprised of four main parts: navigation, viewer control, image display and mini map. The polar satellite image viewer user interface.


The white bar at the top of the page provides navigation to related images (previous/next passes, different channels).

Viewer Control

The viewer controls are located in the blue bar below the navigation bar. They allow you to alter the zoom of the image, reset its position and download the image.

The scale display indicates the scale the image is currently displayed at, '1' representing the original scale. Scales above the original will result in deterioration of the image quality. When this is the case the scale will be indicated in red.

Image Display

The image display area shows the image and may be interacted with using the mouse or touch to move and zoom the image.

By default large images will initially load zoomed out in order to provide a better overview of the entire image. The area of interest can then be quickly found and zoomed to using the mouse.

Mini Map

The mini map presents a scaled down overview of the entire pass. The section of the image currently visible in the viewer is highlighted in green. The map also responds to the mouse in the same way as the viewer image. This allows quick manipulation of the viewer image. The map can be hidden by clicking the map icon in the viewer control panel.



When using the mouse wheel to zoom in from below the original scale (1) the zoom function will be briefly disabled before allowing zoom above the original scale. This pause in zoom makes it easy to zoom up to original scale quickly without accidentally going beyond that point. When this lock is in place it is indicated by a lock symbol next to the scale value.



The viewer provides a number of buttons.

When zooming into the centre of the image using the buttons, the edges of the image may go off screen - you can pull the image back into view by dragging.


Browsing Images

Navigating Passes

From within the viewer it is possible to navigate between different images. The previous and next buttons will take you to the same channel from the previous and next passes. If there is no product for that channel of the pass then the pass info will be displayed.

Switching Channel

A list of available channels is presented at the top of the viewer.

Where applicable, a menu of additional products is provided. The menu indicates if one of the products is currently displayed and which images are currently unavailable.

Downloading Images

Images may be downloaded by using the download button in the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I specify which folder to download images to?

Most browsers allow you to specify a default folder for downloads to be saved to or to be asked which folder to save to for each download.