Please print out this order form, fill it in and mail it to the address given at the bottom of the page. Alternatively it can be sent via fax. For e-mail queries please use the button at the bottom of this page.
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Hardcopy Medium

Choose photographic imagery or data on computer tape and indicate clearly which format is required.

Photographic Imagery
  1. Inket poster (lightproof) A4 [_], A3 [_]
  2. Photographic enlargement of a region (with grid? [_], calibrated? [_])
    Give magnification if known: [_]
  3. Quicklook, laser printed at 1200dpi
  4. Quicklook, photographic [1]
  5. Quicklook, photocopy
  6. 35mm Browse File page
  7. Quicklook CD-ROM
Data on computer tape
  1. Tape medium:
    Exabyte 8500 [_], DLT-IV [_],
    CD-R [_], DVD-R [_]
  2. Data format: Standard HRPT [_] / Dundee Packed [_] / NOAA Level-1B [_],
    HDF [_]

Image Requirements

Describe your image requirements as accurately as possible. If you are uncertain about some parts, for example you do not know exactly which satellite pass should be used, then we can make a choice on your befalf. If you need more space then please continue on another sheet.

Dates of interest (and times if known [2]):


Areas of interest (geographic area or latitude,longitude boundaries):



Channels required (see AVHRR documentation for description; not applicable to tape orders):


Features of interest to be enhanced (eg. land, sea surface temperature, clouds):



Other criteria (eg. acceptable percentage of cloud cover; provide all available images or only the best image for each day):



[1] Photographic quicklooks are available for any pass up to September 1996. Laser printer quicklooks are available for any pass from August 1993 onwards.

[2] If you know the Dundee indentification numbers (tape or CD numbers) then please provide them. They are displayed on Quicklook browse pages or on complex queries from the pass database.

Please add your name and address (and customer number if known) and post the completed form to the address below. If you are including payment please ensure that you have added VAT (currently 17.5%) if ordering from anywhere within the European Union. If you do not include payment then an invoice will be sent with the order.

Mr. N. Lonie,
Satellite Receiving Station,
Dundee University,
Dundee, DD1 4HN,

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