The following orbital parameters are calculated from orbital elements supplied by NASA / NORAD / Celestrak. The file format is suitable for use with any DSS-supplied software such as predict, projcal, n1b, etc. The files contain all orbital elements from launch to the present day (until satellite failure), and so are suitable for processing both archive data and current data.

NOAA Satellites

SeaStar / OrbView-2 (SeaWiFS)

EOS AM-1 (Terra), PM-1 (Aqua)

NPP-Suomi, NOAA-20 (JPSS-1)

Two-Line Elements (TLE)

The most useful TLEs can be downloaded from here: elem.txt. The file is directly suitable for use with DSS orbital prediction software, and is updated daily from either CelesTrak, NASA, NORAD, OIG or Space-Track. Post-burn ephemeris may or may not be up-to-date, please contact us for more details.


The level-1 processing for MODIS data requires knowledge of absolute time, including details of leap seconds and UTC offsets. The configuration files can be downloaded from here. These files are updated from NASA twice each month; you should check the timestamp of the file to determine how recent it is. Note that MODIS processing may fail if the file is older than three months, whether or not the information it contains has changed.

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