One-line Elements serve the same purpose as Two-Line Elements, to provide information about the orbit of a spacecraft in order to allow a prediction of its position at some time in the near future.

Data for each satellite consists of one line in the following format.

Description Format Units
NORAD catalogue number nnnnn  
Year YY  
Day number DDD  
Fraction of day 0.ffffff days
Drag 0.dddddd rev/day^2
Inclination iii.iii degrees
Right Ascension of Ascending Node rrr.rrr degrees
Eccentricity 0.eeeeee  
Argument of Perigee ppp.ppp degrees
Mean Anomaly degrees
Mean Motion mm.mmmmmm rec/day

One-line elements are available from the Naval Research Laboratory

See also the Two-Line Elements Set Format and the Improved Inter-Range Vector format.

References: amsat.

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