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Section 8.2

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8.2 NOAA Level 1b Data Set Names

This section describes the data set naming convention which is used for all NOAA Level 1b data sets. Each data set has a unique data set name which is generated when the data set is created. This 42-character name will be used to reference the data sets. The data set name is composed of a set of alphanumeric qualifiers separated by periods (.). The complete data set name with all of its qualifiers will be as follows:


The qualifiers of the data set name are defined in Table 8.2-1.

Table 8.2-1. NOAA Level 1b Data Set Names.
Processing Center Three characters identifying where the data was created. Recognized character groups are:
CMS = Centre de Meteorologie Spatiale/France
DSS=Dundee Satellite Receiving Station - Dundee, Scotland, UK
NSS = NOAA/NESDIS - Suitland, Maryland, USA
UKM = United Kingdom Meteorological Office - Bracknell, England, UK
Data Type Four characters identifying the data type and transmission method. Recognized character groups are:
HRPT= HRPT (direct readout full resolution AVHRR)
GHRR= GAC (recorded reduced resolution AVHRR)
HIRX= HIRS/3 data set derived from GAC embedded TIP
AMAX= AMSU-A data set derived from GAC embedded TIP
AMBX= AMSU-B data set derived from GAC embedded TIP
HIRS= HIRS/3 data set derived from stored TIP
AMAS= AMSU-A data set derived from stored TIP
AMBS= AMSU-B data set derived from stored TIP
Spacecraft Unique ID Two characters identifying the spacecraft platform from which the data was received. Recognized character groups are:
NK = NOAA-15 (formerly NOAA-K, launched 13 May 1998)
NL = NOAA-16 (formerly NOAA-L, launched 21 September 2000)
Year day Six character date identification field in the form XYYDDD, where "X" is a delimiter, "YY" identifies the year of century and "DDD" identifies the day of the year on which the spacecraft began recording the data set. Example: D98304 for day 304 of year 1998
Start-Time S1355, where "S" identifies this goup as a start time delimiter. "1355" denotes 13 hours 55 minutes UTC (to the nearest minute) and represents the time at which spacecraft recording began.
Stop-Time E1456, where "E" identifies this group as an end time delimiter. "1456" denotes 14 hours 56 minutes UTC (to the nearest minute) and denotes the time of spacecraft recording of the last usable data in the data set.
Processing Block ID B0016465, where "B" identifies this group as a processing block ID delimiter. "0016465" is a seven digit number identifying the spacecraft revolution in which recording of this data set began and the revolution in which the data was transmitted to ground (the first five digits identifying the beginning revolution and last two being the two least significant digits of the orbit number identifying the readout revolution).
Source Two characters identifying data acquisition source. Valid character groups are:
DU = Dundee, Scotland, UK
GC = Fairbanks, Alaska, USA (formerly Gilmore Creek)
HO = Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
MO = Monterey, California, USA
SO = Satellite Operations Control Center, Suitland, Maryland, USA
WE = Western Europe, Lannion, France
WI = Wallops Island, Virginia, USA

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