MVISR is the scanner carried aboard the first FengYun ("Wind and Cloud") series of meteorological satellites launched by China.

FY-1C, launched 10 May 1999, operated from a sunsynchronous polar-orbit at an average altitude of 858km. At this orbit FY-1D crossed the Chinese landmass at about 8:30 a.m. Beijing Time (00:30 UTC) everyday.

FY-1C carried a version of MVISR which images 10 spectral bands:

Channel Wavelength (nm) Primary Use
1 580-680 Daytime cloud, ice and snow vegetation
2 840-890 Daytime cloud, vegetation, water
3 3550-3930 Heat source, night cloud
4 10300-11300 SST, day/night cloud
5 11500-12500 SST, day/night cloud
6 1580-1640 Soil humidity, ice/snow distinguishing
7 430-480 Ocean color
8 480-530 Ocean color
9 530-580 Ocean color
10 900-965 Water vapor

The FY-1C satellite was destroyed by a Chinese Anti-Satellite weapon.

The successor FY-1D carries the same sensor and is still operating but with reduced functionality.

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