As of February 1997 we have been supplying a Monthly AVHRR Quicklook product on CD-ROM to compliment our Web service.


Two factors were involved in the decision to introduce this product:

The CD-ROM Product

Each CD-ROM contains the full set of Quicklook image data from all NOAA AVHRR satellite passes received at Dundee for One Complete Month (ie Jan 1997). As on the Web all AVHRR channels are provided as well as an NDVI product. An additional false colour Quicklook is also provided on the CD.

A new set of thumbnail sheets are provided to allow rapid browsing of a large number of passes.

All the Quicklooks and thumbnails have been specially reformated to optimise browse speed on your local system.

A new HTML based Quicklook browsing system is provided on the CD-ROM providing several methods of Quicklook referencing and display. This will work on any platform supporting a Web browser such as Netscape Navigator v2 or above. You can of course also view the Quicklooks on the CD-ROM using your own favorite image viewer if you prefer. Images are stored in GIF format.


All complete months from November 1978 are available for order on CD-ROM.

Orders for future months will normally be available for dispatch during the first working week following completion of that month.

Ordering and Price

If you would like further information and/or pricing on this product please contact our sales department using the comment button below.

Please provide details of:

We will reply with pricing and availability by return.

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