The European community satellite operated by EUMETSAT (formally part of the European Space Agency) in Germany is positioned above Europe/Africa (approx 0 degrees Longitude). This is the satellite that we receive data from in Dundee. Meteosat also rebroadcasts data from other geostationary satellites (although at less regular intervals than its own data). EUMETSAT are alone in deciding to encrypt the majority of their transmissions. Not very friendly behaviour we think. Although we can receive and decrypt such data our decryption license agreement restricts us to providing only their unencrypted data on the web. These are transmitted every 6 hours.

Meteosat transmits HRI data at 1694.5 MHz, at a data rate of 166.66 kbits/s. Further information on Meteosat can be found at EUMETSAT.

Image channels

The satellites typically scan the earth using different wave lengths (channels). Most geostationary meteorological satellites scan using:

Channel Wavelength
VIS 0.5 to 0.9 Visible (similar to that used by the human eye)
IR 10.5 to 12.5 Infra-Red (differences in temperature)
WV 5.7 to 7.1 Water Vapour (differences in water vapour absorption in the atmosphere)
COL - Not received from the satellite, this is a false colour image generated here at DSRS.

For a comparison of other scanners, see the MODIS document.

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