Solutions to common problems encountered with Internet Explorer can be found below.

Please ensure you are using the latest version of the browser with all the latest service packs applied, for both stability and security.

Alternatively please try with a different browser (see browser information page for recommended browsers).

Please note in particular that Internet Explorer 6 is a very old browser with many known issues. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 (or older) we strongly encourage you to upgrade to a modern browser (see browser information page).

Access NEODAAS-Plymouth

In order to access NEODAAS-Plymouth using Internet Explorer (especially with Vista or with Internet Explorer version 7) you need to allow cookies. The procedure for this is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the NEODAAS-Plymouth link page and select Privacy Report from the Page menu (or double-click on the privacy icon at the bottom of the window).

    Double-click the icon:

    Or use the menu:

  2. In the Privacy Report window scroll down to the line which shows that has Cookies Blocked. Click on the website address and then click on the Summary button (or just double-click on the website address).

    Double-click on

  3. In the Privacy Policy window select the option "Always allow this site to use cookies" and click OK.

    Allow cookies:

  4. Close all the dialogue boxes to get back to the web browser; you should now be able to access NEODAAS-Plymouth seamlessly.

Prompt For Username and Password

In order to ensure that Internet Explorer asks you for your username and password when you try to access the images on our web site please check that your browser is configured as below.

  1. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu:


  2. Select Internet Zone from the Security tab and press Custom Level:


  3. Choose Prompt for user name and password then click OK.


Images Shrink

Internet Explorer 6 has a "feature" that automatically shrinks images. This can be disabled from the Internet Options menu as shown above. Select the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Multimedia section, and turn off the "Enable automatic image resizing" check box, then click OK.



Cookies are small text files stored in your Windows directory, typically C:\Windows\Cookies or C:\Documents and Settings\user\Cookies. If you suspect a cookie from our site may be causing problems (such as logging on as the wrong user, or not logging on at all) simply delete the appropriate file.

You can set and remove cookies from our Web Account Administration page.