The quicklook images that can be viewed freely on our web site are reduced-size versions of the full high-resolution images received from the satellites. The resolution of the AVHRR and SeaWiFS scanners can be as high as 1km per pixel, adequate for most purposes except detailed town plans and such like. Our sample images can give you an idea of the resolution of AVHRR images. The MODIS scanner is higher resolution in some channels, up to 250m per pixel. (If you require even greater detail than that then you should consider aerial photographs or SPOT and Landsat and similar satellites from other sources).

We can supply high resolution images as computer data or as hardcopy photographs. If you wish to buy photographs then please read the Photographic Images document as the remainder of this document concerns computer data only.

High resolution data is available in two forms:

and on different media:

Options include:

We make a charge for supplying high resolution data in order to cover the costs of storage and processing. High resolution data supplied on magnetic tape should be ordered in the same manner as for hard-copy products such as photographs by using the order form.

To supply high resolution data over the internet we first ask that you apply for access. You should already have registered for viewing quicklook images; we simply upgrade that account allowing you to place orders for high resolution data using a Web orderform. A log will be kept of the data ordered and you will be invoiced quarterly. To upgrade your account please read the High Resolution Access Documentation.

Customers with high resolution data access may order data from any pass received within the last six days using the Web orderform. If, after browsing our quicklook archive or pass database, you wish to order from older passes, we can arrange for the pass to be restored from our tape archive. Simply contact us in the usual way or by e-mail to

We can cater for other requirements such as

Let us know if you would like to make such arrangements.

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