Complete ground station solution  Fully customisable, from RF through to data delivery  Excellent location for coverage of Europe, north Atlantic, Polar  Over 40 years experience
Experts in RF, analogue and digital design. All receivers designed and built in-house. Full suite of test and development equipment RF signal analysis to 30GHz RF signal generation to 20GHz Power measurement to 8GHz (0.01dB) Frequency reference to 1e-12 accuracy Full calibration equipment SMD facilities
Scotlandís Premier Ground Station
DSRS Staff are experts in hardware and software design for all aspects of ground stations; the full stack designed and built in Dundee and used world-wide. Antenna system design Orbital models RF communications Real-time software development GIS and geospatial data processing, mapping, data format conversion Web technologies
Designed and built in Scotland
Development and Test
Dundee Satellite  Receiving Station
500TB fast data storage 10Gb/s network Very high- speed internet connection LTO-7 archiving on multiple drives Cluster of compute nodes for data processing Geospatial data processing is a speciality Custom software development at any point in the data pipeline End-to-end system designed and built in-house
Ideal for coverage of Europe, North Atlantic, Polar region and beyond Clear horizon to 5° and below
3 X-band antennas (3.7m and 2.8m)  G/T  26 dB/K 3 L-band antennas (2.8m, 2.4m, 1.2m) G/T  8.5 dB/K 4 Geostationary antennas (3.7m, 3m, 1.25m, 0.85m) Downlink and uplink (subject to license) VHF/UHF can be supported and with simultaneous L/X-band tracking S-band can be supported Fully programmable receiver with high data rates Over 99.5% pass reliability due to in-house expertise Multiple antennas allow higher quality downlinks (data merging) and true redundancy
Data Processing
Dundee Satellite  Receiving Station
Located within the