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Western Mediterranean fog swirls

Western Mediterranean fog swirls Image ID 76
Acquisition date 05-Feb-2004
Over head time 09:43:00
Satellite Sensor modis
Sensor Channel(s) 1,4,3

This MODIS image shows a sea fog covering much of the Western Mediterranean. The islands of Corsica and Sardinia, visible to the West of Italy, act as a barrier to the westerly winds and form a wall for much of the fog. However the gap between them allows the cloud to be forced through subsequently setting up swirls in the fog to the east of them. In north eastern Italy a uniform region of grey is air pollution from the industrial Po Valley, trapped by the Alps and Dolomites mountains, that has drifted over the northern Adriatic. Mountain ranges are clearly visible in this image as high ground is covered by snow, including Mount Etna on Sicily.

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