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Dust storm over Africa

Dust storm over Africa Image ID 51
Acquisition date 06-Mar-2004
Over head time 12:00:00
Satellite Sensor meteosat first generation
Sensor Channel(s) Visible

This Meteosat 7 image shows an impressive dust storm over West Africa sweeping into the Atlantic Ocean. The storm was caused by cold air moving south from Europe and fanning out across the Sahara as it travelled. The storm was clearly visible from satellite for a five day period with dust eventually deposited as far as South America. In the lower right hand side of the image is Tropical Cyclone Gafilo. This cyclone was very severe with wind speeds averaging 250km/h and gusts reaching 330km/h. When it made landfall 85% of the city of Antalaha was destroyed, 304,000 people were left homeless and 237 lives were lost.

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