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High pressure system centred over Europe

High pressure system centred over Europe Image ID 2566
Acquisition date 27-Feb-2019
Over head time 12:36:00
Satellite Sensor viirs
Sensor Channel(s) 1,4,3

A large swathe of this image is cloud free due to a high pressure system that was centred over Europe. Numerous fires/hotspots are highlighted. Saharan dust can be seen off and over Morocco, Iberian Peninsula, British Isles, southern Scandinavia and Central Europe. Areas of snow cover are visible most strikingly over mountain ranges including the Alps, Cantabrian and Pyrenees. The island of Jan Mayen is casting lee waves and a von Karman cloud vortex street. Sediment from river runoff colours coastal waters. Aircraft contrails, lee waves and cloud streets are also evident.

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