All sample images on this page were received on 5 May 2006. Most images have been cropped to show only the UK to give an indication of their relative sizes.


Polar-orbiting satellites view segments of the earth each time they pass over the receiving station.

AVHRR thumbnail QuickLook images show in low resolution the full satellite pass as received here in Dundee. To quickly browse our archive we also produce thumbnails which are one fifth the size of quicklooks. This is an example of a thumbnail image from the AVHRR sensor.

Below is a crop from a quicklook; it only shows the UK to give you an idea of the size and quality, but the whole quicklook image covers the same area as the thumbnail. Again this is the from the AVHRR sensor.

You can view the full quicklook to see a proper sample.

Besides showing the "visible" image in greyscale we also provide thermal, NDVI and colour images.

AVHRR quicklook

We receive images from the MODIS sensor which are larger and better quality. Here is a crop from a colour quicklook:

MODIS quicklook

and here is a crop from the largest quicklook:

MODIS UK quicklook

To register for access to quicklook images please proceed to the registration form.

Geostationary satellite images

Geostationary satellite images view the whole face of the earth. Here is a crop of the UK from our colour image:

MSG colour quicklook

and here is a crop of the UK from our largest visible image:

MSG visible image

High resolution data

High resolution data from the NOAA series of satellites that we receive is, at best, 1.1km per pixel. An example here is a small section showing the UK.

HRPT sample

High resolution data from the EOS series of satellites that we receive is, at best, 250m per pixel. This may not be the highest possible resolution from a satellite but it has the advantage that it views every location on earth several times each day.

MODIS sample

For information about registering for access to HRPT data please read the HRPT registration document.

More Images

This image is available in our quicklook archive from AVHRR and MODIS, and also in our Gallery.

For other images please browse through our Gallery.

Higher-level data products are available from NEODAAS-Plymouth; see the NEODAAS web site for more details.

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