CZCS - Coastal Zone Colour Scanner

The Coastal Zone Colour Scanner carried aboard Nimbus-7 had five channels designed to observe the colour of the ocean:

Band Wavelength Colour
1 433 - 453 nm Visible blue for chlorophyll absorption
2 510 - 530 nm Visible green for chlorophyll correlation
3 540 - 560 nm Visible yellow for salinity
4 660 - 680 nm Visible orange / red for aerosol absorption
5 700 - 800 nm Very near infra-red for land and cloud detection
6 10.5 - 12.5 microns Infra-red for surface temperature

At an altitude of 955km and a scan angle of 39.34 degrees each side of nadier the swath width was 1556km and the ground resolution at nadir was 825m with 1968 pixels per swath. The scanner tilted up to 20 degrees fore or aft in 2 degree increments to avoid sunglint. Sample resolution 8-bit per pixel.

Compare CZCS with the five AVHRR channels.

For more information see the NASA GSFC DAAC documentation on the CZCS instrument.

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