The Geostationary Satellite Animation Viewer is a flexible tool for creating animations from geostationary satellite images. Animations may be created for any date range from our geostationary archive and may be played automatically or manually controlled to allow going backwards and forwards through the images as desired. Multi-channel animations are possible allowing the switching of spectral bands during animation.

Here is an example animation.

How to Create a Timelapse

The parameters for specifiying a timelapse are:

After selecting the desired parameters clicking the 'Create Timelapse' button will retrieve the images and load them ready for animation.

The application's user interface.

Viewing the Timelapse

After the images have been loaded a control panel will appear at the bottom of the screen. The image set may be navigated via the slider or animated automatically with the 'play' button. The speed of automatic animations may be controlled via the options menu. There is also an option for repeated looping of the animation.

Coordinate Readout

When hovering the mouse over the images a geographical coordinate readout is displayed. This allows features of interest to be tracked as they traverse the Earth.

Downloading the Images

A downloader tool is provided in the options menu to allow the images to be downloaded with ease. They may be downloaded separately, in a range or in entirety.

The downloader tool.

Multi-channel Animations

The images for several channels may be loaded at once to allow the switching of spectral bands during animation. To do so select 'enable' in the 'Additional Channels' section of the options menu and then use the multi-select widget to choose the desired channels.

Here is an example multi-channel animation of 25/12/2016 at 0 degrees longitude, channels 1, 7 and 11.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The application has a number of keyboard shortcuts to make using it easier:

Help, Bug Reports and Suggestions

If you would like help using the application or to report a bug or suggestion please contact us.

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