ABI is the scanner carried aboard the GOES-16 geostationary satellite.

See the NOAA website for full details.

Note that the images delivered to us through EUMETCAST are not of all bands and may not all be at full resolution.

Band Central Wavelength Type Nickname
1 0.47Visible Blue
2 0.64Visible Red
3 0.86Near-IR Veggie
4 1.37Near-IR Cirrus
5 1.6Near-IR Snow/ice
6 2.2Near-IR Cloud particle size
7 3.9IR (with reflected daytime component) Shortwave window
8 6.2IR Upper-Level Tropospheric Water Vapour
9 6.9IR Mid-Level Tropospheric Water Vapour
10 7.3IR Lower-level Water Vapour
11 8.4IR Cloud-Top Phase
12 9.6IR Ozone
13 10.3IR Clean IR Longwave Window
14 11.2IR IR Longwave Window
15 12.3IR Dirty IR Longwave Window
16 13.3IR CO2 Longwave IR

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